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Ghostbuster (Sleuth finds the truth..just in time for halloween lol)


Paranormal Adept
Sleuth finds the truth in ghost stories - Cosmic Log

Paranormal investigator Joe Nickell has busted a lot of ghostly myths over the past 40 years — but the spookiest part of his job comes when he actually catches a ghost red-handed.
No, we're not talking about spirits of the dead: These "ghosts" are hotel clerks who flick the lights to keep the guests talking about the place's ghost story. Or a mischievous child who plays tricks on his parents. Or maybe a camera crew catching weird-looking "orbs" floating through the frame — orbs they didn't notice until they looked at the pictures later.
"Much of what so-called ghost hunters are detecting is themselves," Nickell, the author of "The Science of Ghosts," told me this week. "If they go through a haunted house and stir up a lot of dust, they shouldn't be surprised if they get a lot of orbs in their photographs."

Good article :)


J. Randall Murphy

Good post Ezechiel. The one thing I would like to add is that although I agree with most of what the author says, I do believe there is phenomena associated with apparitions that cannot be so easily explained. Recently one of our other posters here ( Sandanfire ) detailed his own sighting. I couldn't come up with a mundane explanation for his observation other than that he may have been the victim of a hoax. But he insists that there could not have been any hoaxing going on and even became quite upset at the idea. I've also seen one myself, and there is a whole story that goes along with it that is probably too boring for most people here to want to bother with. But I'm just as critical with myself as I am with others, and I have no mundane explanation for the so-called haunting I ( we ) experienced.