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Ghost(s) of Fight 401


Paranormal Maven
Has anyone read or does anyone remember John G. Fuller's book Ghost of Fight 401? It was also an NBC made-for-tv movie, and I think ABC got in on the same story the same year with a tv movie starring William Shatner.

Basically, a plane crashed in late 1972 in the Everglades because the cockpit crew were being too anal about a front landing gear indicator light, 99 people died and 77 survived, with two more dying in hospital. It was the first crash of the L-1011 Whsiperliner jumbo-jets. Over the coming months and for several years air crews and passengers kept seeing the dead captain and technical engineer on other Eastern Air Lines Whisperliner 1011s. There was ectoplasm, Ouija communications, warnings from the Other Side, the whole gamut. EA had used some of the undestroyed equipment from Flight 401 on the other airliners, and quietly uninstalled it as the ghost stories continued.

If anyone does remember this, I get the vibe from Fuller's book that there was a little bit of some MIB action going on in the background, but that he didn't want to play that angle up in his book at all. I also get a hint from the spirits of the dead in his book that the NTSC never did get down to the bottom of why the flight really crashed.

Any opinions out there?

Goggs Mackay

Staff member
I'm interested but only know the barest details as you have outlined. I've a feeling an existing thread has touched on this but I could be confused with maybe reading it elsewhere.....please post any more you come across as if the story is true, it covers so many aspects of a few paranormal areas, and very interesting and relevant ones too.


Paranormal Adept
Man, I remember trying to watch that as a kid but my parents wouldn't allow it. Luckily I guess, because the german dubbing was probably awful.
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Paranormal Maven
If you read the book carefully, there are some MIB types spotted at the crash site in the Everglades among the first rescue workers on the scene, and then later on near the end of the book there is the widow of one of the cockpit crew, the technical officer named Repo I think, who says she received a phonecall almost exactly one year to the day BEFORE the crash reporting her husband had died in a crash pretty much on the same route iirc. Also interesting perhaps is that Frank Borman the astronaut was on the crash scene almost immediately, as an EA executive or CEO or whatever he was. The book was much better than the available film. I think they didn't really use an L-1011 when they shot inside the passenger cabins, because there was supposed to be a middle row four seats wide, and I only counted three seats there, although the youtube was fairly blurry and I might be wrong.


piscator ψ
I am just speculating but maybe their was some "military" interest that could explain some of the "MIB" types because the L-1011 was use by the RAF as a tanker and cargo/transport Aeroplane until earlier this year.