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Ghost in a New House

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Skilled Investigator
Hi, here is one of the stranger ghost experiences I've had:

This was back when I was in high school, I was babysitting for a neighbor. There were 2 kids, one was about 13 and the other was about 5 (I was mainly sitting for the 5 year old).

Well it was late in the day and we were out in the back yard playing soccer, when I suddenly heard someone stomping around upstairs inside the house. It seems odd in hindsight that we were able to hear someone walking around from out in the back yard, but we did. So the older sibling (named Dennis) and I went inside, we still heard the footsteps so we grabbed those tools from the fireplace and quietly walked up the stairs.

These were the type of steps that had a little flat space halfway up where the stairs changed direction, and we stopped at this halfway point and listened. From here we could hear someone shuffling around through papers in Dennis' room, and we could hear the faucet in the bathroom being turned repeatedly on and off. We were both frozen with fear and couldn't bring ourselves to walk up the rest of the way. We went back downstairs and outside, where we found the neighbor dad standing outside. We told him that someone had broken into the house, and he immediately followed us in.

We followed him up the stairs, and no one was there. Nothing had been taken, and nothing in the rooms had been disturbed. He said to us, "I think you guys have been reading too many comic books," and he went back next door.

After he left, we sat there and tried to think of a rational explanation for these strange events. If it was an actual human break-in, it was at least 2 people, they didn't take anything, and they managed to sneak out of the house unseen in the little space of time where we found the next door neighbor. And who the heck would break into a house to turn a faucet repeatedly on and off?

Dennis told me that he has had paranormal experiences before involving poltergeist-type phenomena, and this certainly seemed like one of them. It could've been a perfectly executed prank of some kind, but it really didn't seem like it.