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Ghost At Stonehenge Video


Paranormal Maven
It looks like Casper the friendly ghost.

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Skilled Investigator
Funny thing is if you stop the vid at 12 seconds you can see a small seemingly distant object come into view at about 2 o'clock relative to the sun and within the arch of the stones. Then it zips straight up.




I agree. This is about the worst camera work ever. And to think this guy was able to film inside the ring. When I was there they wouldn't let anyone leave the asphalt sidewalk. This little fuzzy guy looks like a baby ewok with constipation.


Disco still sucks.
Geez, how cheesy.

And, just for future reference -- Schuyler, how would the ghost of a baby Ewok with a normal digestive tract constitution differ? ;)


And, just for future reference -- Schuyler, how would the ghost of a baby Ewok with a normal digestive tract constitution differ? ;)

Geez, having to spell out a scatological reference is just shitty. But, since you asked, Baby Ewoks was kind of bent over like he was having some, you know, trouble. Just IMHO, of course. A NORMAL Ewok would walk upright and threaten to eat you for dinner.


Paranormal Adept
Stonehenge is far less impressive when you see it in person really.Have been there hungover with my class back then about ten years ago.