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Gerald Celente


quelling chaos since 2352BC
I'm seeing a lot of play from the American media on this guy Gerald Celente.

He doesn't claim to be a psychic but predicted the "economic 9/11" this year and some other things.

He's basically predicting a financial apocalypse in 2009 leading to food riots, etc in the states...

My question to you guys is: is this guy for real or just another guy that predicts bad news until it comes true and then claims credit?

Gerald Celente - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



quelling chaos since 2352BC
Sorry, I meant does any rational thinker think that he is accurate?
Or, his he just spouting off doom and gloom in a downturn where people are afraid and will listen to him?

Aaron LeClair

Paranormal Maven
Sorry, I meant does any rational thinker think that he is accurate?
Or, his he just spouting off doom and gloom in a downturn where people are afraid and will listen to him?

I'm not familiar with him. I read a little about him via the links you gave though. Seems he makes what he considers logical guesses based upon researching things. He makes predictions in a similar way that a weather man does it seems.

Funny, he seems better at it than a lot of so called psychics. Ed Dames etc.


Skilled Investigator
He's personally invested a lot in gold which may be a big mistake. Kind of depends on which economic philosophy one adopts and how the Fed plans to handle the decline. Looks like the dollar is being seriously devalued and that interest rates won't rise. In that case, gold is just another commodity that won't rise to huge levels. But I could be seriously mistaken there too, I just don't know.

A knowledgeable friend of mine tells me that raising interest rates would cause an immediate crash. This devaluing is a slow death, enhanced greatly by our bail outs, throwing bad money after bad money. Makes great sense to me. I'd rather see institutions go bankrupt so that we don't have additional ever devalued dollars added to our tax burden. I'd like to see our being able to invest in community ventures that would provide jobs for the people affected by the chain of failures of GM, Chrysler, big banks, etc. will cause.

Our taxes will rise to cover the greater and greater losses when bail outs don't work. The government will own debt we have to service. To top it off, we have no way of earning profit on what little money we may have been able to save when interest rates are cut on debt. They're cut on savings too. In fact, the savers, people who could help prop up an economy, have been sorely cheated.

A trends researcher, in order to make predictions, has to have a well developed understanding of history and I think Celente does possess enough savvy to predict some outcomes. He also says we've seriously depleted our manufacturing base, something that was very strong during the first depression. According to him, we're in uncharted territory and I think he's right. This time, the effects will be worldwide, whatever they may be. Recovery will be long and I do believe the makeup of governments will have to change to benefit humanity. It's going to look and feel like hell for a long time though.

So, yeah, I buy a lot of what he's predicted, strictly from historical perspective, and I hold open hope that he is incorrect. In any case, we're going to have to resort to a new way (for us anyway) of thinking and developing perspective that benefits all. Hell, even the big guys are going to join our ranks, if they don't shoot themselves first. A few of them have already grabbed their guns.