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Gene Steinberg - Please stop laughing

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Paranormal Novice
For a start let me say I love the show, however I cannot stand the way Gene laughs. Is it just me? It is so condescending, it infuriates me. Please try and be more sincere Gene. Do any other forum members see my point?


Paranormal Adept
Honestly? No! Not being a "homer" here but I have no idea what you are talking about. But that's just me.


Skilled Investigator
well, whatever point you had belongs in a one-on-one conversation.

but if you are happy putting out personal criticisms, then get ready...

btw, you may be interested in the ability to delete/edit your post.


Despiser of religious nuts
For a start let me say I love the show, however I cannot stand the way Gene laughs. Is it just me? It is so condescending, it infuriates me. Please try and be more sincere Gene. Do any other forum members see my point?

You're lucky that's all you have to worry about. Great way to introduce yourself on the forum. Dissing one of the forum owners - that's so clever. Not.

David Biedny

Paranormal Adept
What, do you want him to laugh like the frikking Joker?

Man, it's getting weird out there. Gene, as long as you laugh, dude, that's all that fucking matters. Wowza.

Seriously, Eugalaz, thanks for loving the show, but Gene is a bit long in the tooth to be changing his laugh. Now, if you heard him cry, well.... never mind.



Nothin' to see here
Do any other forum members see my point?

Not really. He might occasionally get his 'radio laugh' out from time to time, but that's due to short term memory loss and Gene forgetting the topic of the conversation.


Paranormal Maven
He laughs like a friend of mine. No problem with laughter. Maybe you need to get laid? Might be possible.


Paranormal Novice
This is a totally silly thread, and also the paracast is free.. So you have to take the small amount of bad with the great amount of good. And there is nothing wrong with his laugh, as I've never noticed him laughing which must mean no problem as he must laugh.

But the prostate ads do bug me but that's why there is fast forward function in foobar.


Still Seeking Samantha
You've GOT to be kidding! I think Gene's laugh is endearing in its particularity!

But, speaking of funny sounds that have come through during interviews, I think it was during the program remembering Richard Hall--maybe I'm off on that--I'm SURE I heard someone take a huge bite out of a nice crunchy apple. I don't know who it was, but whoever got the munchies during the show must have held it right up to the mic before taking that bite :)

But it's those kinds of quirky little things that make the show feel like we're all a loose circle of friends and acquaintances "stretching out" and talking. I LOVE THAT!

You keep laughing, Gene!


Paranormal Novice
Well well, I am not surprised that the die hard (read: 'I want to believe too') supporters are out in force using denial as a tactic.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:eek:ffice:eek:ffice" /><o:p></o:p>
Listen Gene, I am sure you are a great person and I do not mean to demean you at all. I will tell you the truth though as I see it regardless of what others may 'officially' state. Your laugh comes across as in sincere mate. That's that. I have listened to over 90% of your podcasts. Whilst most of them I enjoy, some of them really get my blood boiling. Not because of your laugh, I've already spoken about that. What I am referring to is David's in ability sometimes to apply critical thinking when it comes to certain topics. I will give you one example.. On a recent episode I listened to I heard David (and you) talking about the fact that when Apollo 11 landed on the moon (yes I know it was the Eagle and Apollo was the rocket), Armstrong reportedly saw many UFO's watching them. This was met by derision and scoffs by you both. Are you two really serious? Do you mean to tell me that you both believe this is improbable? Lets just say for the record that Roswell did happen and we have been visited/watched for a given amount of time. Do you really think that they would NOT have followed any spaceship we sent to the moon? Do you not think that NASA was well aware of UFO's at that stage and completely expected this? Do you not realise that all astronauts would have been briefed on this and told to not comment on this during communications? I think that you should either think your position through completly or come out and say that you believe that the whole issue about UFO's is bullshit (that last word was for you David as I see that you love to swear in posts).
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