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'Fukushima’s Tritium Disaster Dwarfs The Titanic'

Christopher O'Brien

Back in the Saddle Aginn
Staff member
[ Since Day 1, Yoichi Shimatsu and other other unsung Japanese journalists have been providing cutting-edge investigation into the catastrophic Fukushimi melt-down. —chris]

By Yoichi Shimatsu

Article here: sdfsdfsdfasdasd

In blatant disregard and denial of the ill effects of tritium on human health and the global ecosystem, the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) is preparing to dump nearly a million short tons of tritiated wastewater from its storage tanks at Fukushima directly into the Pacific Ocean. The massive release of radioactive wastewater is casting the Pacific Rim and Arctic nations adrift onto the uncharted waters of a planetary catastrophe.

This premeditated crime stands in direct violation of the 1972 London Convention on Prevention of Marine Pollution and subsequent treaties, to which Japan is a signatory, forbidding ocean disposal of nuclear waste. Instead of building new storage tanks to replace the current units, which are past the 5-year expiry date, TEPCO in its drive for profitability can get away with gross violations of international law because the Japanese ministries of foreign affairs, fisheries, education and economic development aid have bribed the leaders of Pacific Basin nations, an open secret well known in the International Whaling Commission.

During the Fukushima meltdowns, Tokyo permitted and even encouraged TEPCO to release unprecedented amounts of radioactive isotopes in water and solid waste into the ocean. During the crucial years 2011-2014, the Tribunal of the UN Convention on Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) was under the thumb of its president Shunji Yanai, a diplomat and key supporter of Japan’s nuclear-weapons armament. No legal complaints were brought against Japan’s sea disposal, in notable disregard of the secret sea-dumping of weapons-grade plutonium. Not a whisper of objection was voiced by the top politicians of those “ banana republics of the north”, the U.S. and Canada, suppliers of reactors and uranium respectively for Japanese nuclear-energy companies.

In parallel to the despicable political cowardice and avarice, not a single research laboratory or scientific institute has ever issued a letter of protest over the geophysical impact of cumulative radioactive dumping along the tectonic subduction zones and volcanic vents on the seafloor. The institutions responsible for protecting public health and the marine environment from a nuclear disaster, including the IAEA, Japan’s Economy Ministry, the U.S. Department of Energy, NOAA and the WHO, have no clue about how to stop the continuing disaster spewing out of Fukushima and lack an iota of political will to stop this madness.

Their sole emergency response has been resounding silence and occasional disinformation to conceal the extent of the crisis. The scientific chicanery and lack of concern for public health is an ethical calamity in a certain sense more sordid than the mass murder now being perpetrated by the nuclear industry. Make no mistake about it: we are heading, amid this environmental and moral catastrophe, toward a day of reckoning when the perpetrators, collaborators and beneficiaries behind this monumental crime against humanity will face stern swift justice without a glimmer of mercy. REST OF ARTICLE HERE:


Paranormal Adept
You would have to think that insanity has engulfed the planet. There is strife everywhere you look these days. The Japanese government and the International Olympics Committee are trying to gloss over Fukushima as the 2020 Summer Olympics will be held in Japan. What is the height of insanity is that the baseball and softball games will be held in Fukushima itself.

This is supposed to prove that there is nothing to worry about. Everything is normal in that corner of the world.