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February 11, 2018 — Stan Gordon

Gene Steinberg

Forum Super Hero
Staff member
A fascinating trip across the state of Pennsylvania and the constant presence of strange creatures and strange objects.

On this week's companion show, After The Paracast, Curt Collins and I focused on the connection between Hollywood, UFOs and, of course, pop culture.

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FeralNormal master
Just started listening to the show and heard Chris is moving to almost same neck of the woods i am ( several hours away as the crow drives :p ) Sorry to hear that it was unfortunate news that dictated this and I don't believe there's anything like the SLV near where you'll be staying but let me be the first to welcome you to NYS.

now back to Stan......
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FeralNormal master
After I recovered from my accident my brother came out here packed up , sold,and gave away my personal possssions and drove my gear back to northern new york

He came back got me and I moved just before Veteran's Day back here......for now.....

Ron Away

Paranormal Adept
Enjoyable episode,hope I’m as switched on as Stan when I reach that age.(Doubtful as I’m not that switched on now!).Yet again I’m left with the impression that all paranormal activities are part of a much bigger mystery.The “Trickster” element is involved across the board and the reasoning behind this “intelligence “ is as elusive as ever.Thanks Stan,Gene and Chris.


Paranormal Maven
Good stuff. Stan sounds ….. completely normal…. for a man who had spent a lifetime investigating things that aren’t. I’ve seen a number of truly disturbing creatures in Pennsylvania but those were generally in truck stops off I80. Something strange I’ve always wondered about is why there are always miles and miles of construction barriers and orange cones and you never see anyone actually doing anything, but I digress.

A shame the wealth of experience he has accumulated isn’t in a workable database – at least as far as I know. I wonder what statistics might reveal with that large of a sample. Listening to him reinforced my suspicion that we are generating much of this phenomenon ourselves. That would explain a lot but not footprints and it's hard to believe fakery accounts for them all. I’d absolutely love to see something that strange. I think.

I’ve been looking for a spot to bring this up and this is as good as any. I had never heard of Wallace Tillinghast or the ‘Great Airship Hoax of 1909’ but it popped up in another podcast I was listening to. Here’s a taste of it: The Great New England Airship Hoax of 1909 on JSTOR

It goes to show a lot about eyewitness testimony and human nature.

I am impressed by this man who has made a lifetime of going out to see for himself.