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Extreme weather


Paranormal Adept


FeralNormal master
Well Christchurch/South Island Paracasters batten down the hatches its going to get worse here.

The river is over its banks and snow is on its way so I hope you are all doing ok

Floodwaters block South Island highways - National - NZ Herald News

Downpours Cause Flooding, Slips And Snow Is Forecast... | Stuff.co.nz

The net is not really covering things that well but the radio is so keep it on and keep it close.

Peace and see you on the other side.
Take care on those roads stoney, better yet order in your meals.


Paranormal Adept
Take care on those roads stoney, better yet order in your meals.
Thanks man.. it is clear today but it is the deep breath before the plunge you could say.
We have the worst snow storm in 20 plus years on its way and the city I live in is the bulls eye lol!!!!
So I will be home today sorting the yard out and covering up my winter plants as best I can.. Get on the roof check all is ok and wait.

USI Calgary

J. Randall Murphy
Staff member
Amphan Batters India, Bangladesh March 20, 2020

Recently doctors in Bangladesh claimed to have found an effective drug combination against
COVID-19, which was characterized by one researcher as "Mother Nature's revenge".
So what does Mother Nature do but hit Bangladesh with a Super Hurricane.