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Epstein Dead by Suicide?


Paranormal Adept
You can make a large list of potential suspects who’d want him offed.
The tricky part is how it was pulled off inside a correctional facility.

Btw, have you noticed that conventional dictionaries don't acknowledge the devious meaning of "suicided?" They merely describe it as a person killing him- or herself. But the Urban Dictionary gets it right:

"when someone is murdered and then arranged in such a way to make the death seem like a suicide. the victim may also be forced to take his own life so that the real culprit leaves little to no evidence of wrongdoing. authorities rule the cause of death to be a plain old suicide which often means that no investigation is preformed."


Paranormal Adept
The list of very powerful people he could of and in many ways has implicated in my opinion means he was going to end up dead sooner or later, I remember when he got arrested and said to the wife "he will be dead very soon" and well yeah he is. Honestly the man was a serious liability to those who had dealings with him and he could not be allowed to go to trial etc.