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Electrical anomalies.

I decide to post this as a question than a story, as I know many people on these forums are of a technological/scientific bent.

These are the conditions/apparatus:
1 Wall Socket - feeds all electrical demand to room.
Electrical Powering: PC& Monitor/TV/Cable box/DVD recorder/Electrical Lamp/Telephone charger as normal.

Telecommunications Boxes:
2 independent socket boxes
Telephone wire socket (normal telephone line) - Fed to telephone and fax port on PC.
Cable socket - 1 cable Fed to Modem - which goes to Wireless Router and then to PC.
2nd cable fed to Cable TV box.

Time:4AM (Low household power consumption)


All electrical equipment flickers - Light flickers/TV flickers etc.. PC goes into restart.
Telephone rings simultaneously - only one ring.


Witness picks up telephone - no correspondence.
Feels prickly sensation on top of head.


I am completely adamant that this can be explained technically and want to post it out there of experiences that seem unusual but are completely explainable.
If someone could let us know what technical fault is happening and how the telephone rings when a power disruption occurs (even when it seems completely unrelated to the power supply) it would be appreciated.

I have reproduced most things using power disruption of some kind - but I cannot enable PC to go into restart (without physically switching it on) and get the telephone to ring - it bleeps when power is isolated.
Not sure, the person was alone in the house in the room - all other members were asleep. Duration was only 5-10seconds and no other systems were effected - nothing was reset as would happen during a normal power outage.

I have spoken to some people about this and they think that power stations switch over (do something) in the early hours and this could be the cause - I don't know whether this is current practice for the grid to utilise -I need to speak to a power station operator or electrician or something.

Trouble is this is a rare event and it has never happened before - but also being up around 4AM is also a rare event.

Even so, still can't understand why the phone would ring?
One important factor that I have missed out while I have been thinking about this - Weather local - Clear and cool, no rainfall or electrical storms.
I checked the historical national weather and no electrical storms occured during that day/night.
Perhaps it was solar activity but don't know where to get historic information from.

Roger Knights

Skilled Investigator
I've read that generating stations sometimes get stressed and "slip a pole"--I think that's the term. I've forgotten all the details. However, the effect on the receiving end would be that the normal up and down cycle of current would hiccup and lack smoothness, perhaps causing a restart to your computer, etc.