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Donna Teitz Hare NASA show


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The following interview with Donna Teitze Hare took place in July, 1995 and was 4 months prior to the Vito Saccheri interview. On this edition of UFOs Tonite, Dwight Schultz co-hosted the program with me.

I believe in hindsight that this was the first radio interview Donna gave concerning her claims about NASA and her previous employment and security clearance she held. Later of course she was part of Greer’s Disclosure program along with folks like Karl Wolf. During this show we also discussed aspects of the Apollo program and Lunar mysteries.

During the show with Donna, several times I had to ask her to speak up so she might be a bit hard to hear in several spots, but she did speak up.

Once again, a huge thanks is due to Gene for allowing me to upload these shows. There is only a finite amount of space Gene has so in a week or so I will start to remove the first shows I uploaded so I do not over-tax Gene’s space. I might also gently suggest to you all that enjoy this service that Gene made available, to send The Paracast a donation so this fantastic website continues on without interruption. In the meantime, remember to keep those eyes pointed to the skies ….


Now, On To The Show …..


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Gene Steinberg

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Don, we have over a terabyte available storage space on that drive. There's plenty of storage space left even after your uploads and ours, so don't fear that we'll be overwhelmed.

Fee free to keep the files there as long as you like. By the time we run out of space, we'll be using multiple servers anyway.