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Dolan and the Admiral Wilson leak (Eric Davis' docs)


Paranormal Maven
Article: UFO Leak of the Century: Richard Dolan Analyzes the Admiral Wilson Leak - Richard Dolan Members

So, this article has been out for two weeks, I think the story popped out a bit sooner even, and is a continuation of a narrative available from 10 years ago and more. I'm sure a lot of people have seen it by now. I was even surprised that a thread didn't pop up about it already.

So, what do you guys make of this? Generally I always found Dolan to be an interesting listen, ever since first stumbling across him on an episode of the Paracast a couple of years back.
But having said that, he does seem to lean a bit more into the believer camp than I would personally prefer, especially in the recent years. And although the story is interesting, all of this seems to be a bit too much gung-ho, especially if we take into consideration the huge amount of blanks we experienced in Ufology throughout the years...

Wilson denied some of the stuff 10 years ago. Is anyone aware of his potential more recent comments? Or recent comments from Eric Davis?

Thx to Guiliano a.k.a. Uforadio for disseminating the news.
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Farlig Gulstein

he does seem to lean a bit more into the believer camp than I would personally prefer

Yeah, I think you are right. Here's a buildup vid he made:

And here is the backstory that takes a LOT of the wind out of the sail:

Sorta reminds me of the not-Roswell slides in the attic, sorry to say.

Frank Stalter

Paranormal Maven
The docs are well researched fakes. Too many problems, mainly no one can place Wilson in Vegas on the purported meeting date. There are plenty of others, call backs to known disinformation tropes from previous "leaks", namely MJ-12 and Serpo. No question it was put together by a current of former intel agent. Knew too much about AFIO. It's an interesting package but it's not legitimate.


Paranormal Novice
Eric Davis simply said "no comment" to these notes, a copy found in Mitchell's estate.

They are obviously real but Cameron and Dolan are completely wrong in saying a mj12 is pointed to. Wilson pointed to the support group for the sap oversight cmt, dod aquisitions and development and private corps.

I think Frank Stalter points to the serpo email episode invokving doty, green, puthoff at play...davis works for puthoff and those guys are still trying to sniff out mj12....lol.

Green recently reported invites in the past to ufo saps re alien body recoveries. He notes at cia desk he had no special insider knowledge. He now thinks these invites that never were followed thru on were vehicles to feed disinformation about alien autopsies, etc. (See recent communications between keith basterfield and green)


Nick ,
Did some great interviews and the best one on here. Although , disagree with elements of his arguments on the grounds he not seen all the documents . Don would know and he has not been inside as eyewitness have . More, is kept back and like said tip of the iceburg. Not excluding human tech either as Norway is fogotten.