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December 8, 2019 — T Allen Greenfield

Gene Steinberg

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Staff member
Among the people I've met in the UFO field, or anywhere, I have to count Allen Greenfield as one of my closest friends, and someone I've known for over 50 years.

I was there when we developed an alternate reality theory to explain UFOs.

There's lots more. I realize some of you — or most of you — will scoff at his suggestion that the Roswell crash was caused by a Skyhook balloon. But listen the show first.

And to this weekend's episode of After The Paracast, where we talk about Allen's theories towards the latter half of the episode.

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On Roswell open mind and who knows there could of been others not discussed in other areas . Skeptical side maybe 'the balloon' was crashed on purpose while other events occurred on or off the bases in a different location. One element of Roswell area did they have many 411 cases prior and after the whole episode ?


Paranormal Novice
Good show. Here are some thoughts:

Extraordinary that Allen beheld a copy of "Estimate of The Situation". What did it say? Queue the sound of a *pin dropping*.

And what did Wernher von Braun say when Allen inquired as to his reason for being in the UFO files section? In at least one past appearance Allen has alluded to this encounter - but I don't recall if Braun's reply was disclosed then either.

Allen's expanded recounting of the Man in Black restaurant encounter was good. Gray Barker prank? What do I know, nothing, as a complete outsider with limited information... I can only state that I suspect it may have been. And if so, rather funny in my opinion! As for the vanishing act part though. Allens quip that Gray's book was infinitely closer to the truth than Keel's intrigued me.

An exploration of the subject matter of PB Randolph would be heavy duty. And rather difficult perhaps in such a talk medium as this and on such a topic. For obvious reasons. Rather important nonetheless. Shame. Books are the way to go here anyway.

I tend to agree / sympathize with Allen's view that "Roswell is an unimportant case". Personally, I see it as just too weak a case to matter. The dead alien bodies fiction, added by that dubious character witness, was the poison pill in that case. Something did happen, but just what exactly, we will probably never know. A certain percentage of documents may be available one day after a collapse ( as in USSR 1990's) which may allow future investigator to piece it together. (Oh, and the Ramey Memo bothers me a little... just a little.)

Ground Observer Core. Sure. Being an avid amateur astronomer I have always said since I was a teenager that... getting groups of paid observers up in towers to watch the skies every night for years, in hot spot areas, is common sense step #1. right? But it has yet to be done properly... in 75 years? One must walk away chuckling and shaking ones head. Private efforts such as Bigelow, of course, appear to have done such... with any and all results going propriety.

First hour of the show and I tend to say Allen spun his wheels going over old ground again. Still a great show okay? Keep it up guys.