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December 31, 2017 — Loren Coleman

Gene Steinberg

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An enjoyable session with cryptozoologist Loren Coleman and his latest book, "Mothman: Evil Incarnate." We covered ground that takes you way beyond John Keel's "The Mothman Prophecies."

We also briefly covered the furor over the secret Pentagon UFO study affair, and we continued that focus on this weekend's After The Paracast, which featured UFO researcher and blogger Curtis Collins, known in these forums as Sentry.

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Paranormal Adept
An exceptional PG-13 episode with Loren Coleman adding to the study of cryptozoology and the interesting lives of J. Keel, J. Moseley, & G. Barker. Included, a stroll down memory lane leading straight into a cemetery of the fond, and not as. Bizarre sexual behavior of cryptids interacting with humans, bomb-laden bovine, West Virginia wackiness, Bigelow’s billions, and more.

Just wondering if anyone has ever heard of Canary Man? A chirping half man, half canary that was rumored to have fluttered about the West Virginia coalmines.
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Since a humanoid would be incapable of winged flight, Mothman must be a mythical being.
Actually, someone in the medical field did a study on what it would take for a human to fly with wings. This was perhaps 20+ years ago. I do not have the reference after all this time, but they showed how extremely strong muscles across the back and chest (which would noticably change the physique without even including the wings) could work. This was one of those books that were popular at the time. There were books on what would be necessary for fire breathing dragons to exist, fairies and all those mythical beings.