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December 2, 2018 — Suzanne Hansen

USI Calgary

J. Randall Murphy
This episode started off with good ole' mainstream ufology and migrated into the fringe where the claims of contactees and Suzanne's own contactee experiences became the focus of discussion. As a consequence, although I tried to be as tactful as possible, I'll probably catch some flak for the way I handled the interview. But what else is new?

That being said, I get the impression that her experiences are real ( to her ), and that something out of the ordinary is going on, but there are still all the problems with her story that are associated with contactee claims in general. If she is actually interacting with aliens, I did my best to encourage her to get convincing evidence and offered a suggestion on the ATP episode, that to my knowledge has never before been suggested or tried by experiencers.

When I referred to contactee claims as fringe ufology she disagreed. Here she may have a point. During the Early Modern Era of ufology, contactee and abduction claims were seen as "out there" compared to typical sighting reports. Then came the CE3 and CE4 types, which even the ufologists who coined those terms considered fantastical in nature at the time.

But today there are even more far-out claims, some of which make CE-3 cases seem quaint. So maybe she's right. Perhaps what was traditionally seen as fringe ufology is now more mainstream, and what I see as mainstream ufology could now be called "conservative ufology". Thoughts anyone? Is mainstream ufology now the domain of abductees and contactees :rolleyes: ?
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Gene Steinberg

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This episode is hard to label. At first, Ms. Hansen speaks about some compelling UFO cases, but in the second half of the episode she focuses on her experiences and an alleged alien agenda to alert humans of their evil ways.

There was a lot to talk about, so much that we invited Ms. Hansen to join us on this weekend's episode of After The Paracast to continue the interview.

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Paranormal Maven
That episode started off pretty run-ofthe-mill and slipped into her beliefs, and she obviously and frequently tried to avoid being pinned down. Well done guys getting her back when she got all cross and said you wouldn't be asking these questions if you'd read the book! (Obviously asking on behalf of the audience, which you'd do regardless of either of you reading her book.) And credit to her, unless you cut it out, she didn't appear to take umbrage when you told her so.

How did the second part go? More of the same? Did she lose her rag in the end?