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Skilled Investigator
A while ago i came across a coast to coast interview with David Sereda about the NASA TRANSMISSIONS. It was very interesting, but more interesting when they got Oberg on the phone, and then suddenly this huge debate started, which was mysteriously cut off half way through. At the time Sereda was clearly winning the debate. I think it would be a great idea to have this on your show once in a while. I would love to hear Oberg vs Sereda again, or even friedman :) at least think about it :)

Aaron LeClair

Paranormal Maven
Not sure if I've heard this "debate" or not. It sounds familiar. What year did it occur? I stopped listening to Art years ago. I might listen to it later.

I've got into debates with Oberg on occasion over the years online. Since leaving NASA he seems to be a much more pleasant guy actually. Then again, the last I communicated with him was the time Gordan Cooper died, and that didn't hold him back from calling him a kook essentially in public, when some are possibly mourning. (ufo udates archives).