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David Weatherly & Lyle Blackburn will be this week's guests

Christopher O'Brien

Back in the Saddle Aginn
Staff member
David Weatherly & Lyle Blackburn join us this week on the Paracast. Both are contributing authors in Wood Knocks a new yearly journal covering bigfoot research and investigations—published by Weatherly's publishing company. Both have been on the show before and are considered two of our top cryptozoological researchers. David is also considered a leading "Black-eyed Kids" researcher and Lyle (on his Paracast appearance a couple of years ago) spoke about "Lizard Men" sightings.

Please only post your QUESTIONS here.


FeralNormal master
Lyle, YouTube is rife with videos of people (usually of influence and power) inadvertently being caught allegedly slightly shape shifting. Have you ever seen one that gave you pause?


Paranormal Adept
How can Bigfoot research be taken seriously when you have programs like 'Finding Bigfoot' on TV?

Walter Bosley

Paranormal Adept
I confess I'm not personally familiar with the details of your Black Eyed Children research so forgive my ignorance: What have you found, if anything, in comparative analysis of the phenomenon/reports and fairy folklore, etc?

Greers Meeting Planner

Paranormal Adept
Assuming sasquatch is an earth based mammal and product of evolution, these animals would need nunbers in the hundreds to maintain a healthy breeding population.

Any thoughts on this and how a whole breeding population may avoid discovery?


quelling chaos since 2352BC
Given the minimum viable breeding population for most terrestrial vertebrates is in the few thousands of individuals (Minimum viable population - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) how could we account for an unknown north american hominid's continued existence? Especially given the fact that most hominids have very low birth rates to replace dying individuals?

If there were 3000 Sasquatch in western north america, say, as a minimum viable population could that many actually go unnoticed?

As a reference, in the 1950s there were only about 2000 of some Gibbon species in existence, in low population areas, and we knew about those.

And I say that as someone who's had family members seen Sasquatch, so it's not like I don't think it's possible.