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Cryptid Sighting in 1993


Skilled Investigator
During the summer of 1993, a year after my golden orb sighting, me and a friend sighted a very strange creature in the woods in southern Ohio. Oddly, this spot of forest was only about ten miles southeast of the camp sight where I'd spotted the three golden orbs the previous year.

It was an evening in June of 1993, me and my friend Bill decided to do some fishing in some old strip mining lakes located in Wayne National Forest (Scioto County), Ohio.

The lakes were located in a clearing on a hilltop in the middle of the forest. We parked on the side of the paved road, grabbed our gear, took ATV trails from the main road about three miles west through thick forest, and reached the clearing and lakes. It made for a great evening.

Needles to say, the night descended upon us before we knew it. I voiced my concerns, but Bill being very familiar with the terrain, was confident in getting us back. Fortunately, the moon was bright that night, and the way back was easily navigated. The scene was beautiful.

About a mile into the moonlit forest, Bill stopped talking and pointed over my left shoulder into the woods, and whispered 'Look at that.' I turned, and about a fifty yards off to my left was some type of animal. Bill told me it was probably a wild cat, and continued onwards. I was bit nervous. I never encountered a wild cat in the woods before, and intended to move on, and get away from it as fast as I could. I bolted, and the supposed 'wild cat' paced us. I thought that kind of odd, and so did Bill. We knew something wasn't normal.

This is where it gets really weird. When we stopped, the creature stopped, and now it was a little closer. And it appeared bigger than any wild cat I'd heard of. Bill agreed. Not only did it stop, but it rose up on two feet, and looked in our direction. Both Bill and I thought, 'Oh crap, a bear!' But it didn't have dark fur. The fur was white or a light color. I was a little freaked by this time, and Bill pointed out something. This creature was mimicking our movements. And it did! To test this, Bill waved, and it waved. Then I waved, and it waved. By this time, we were both freaked out, and we ran. It got on all fours, paced us, getting a little closer. Again, it stopped when we did and rose on two feet again. This thing had to be at least seven to eight feet tall when it stood up, and covered in grayish-white hair. And we really couldn't make out facial features that well. I mean, it seemed like there were two dark spots where eyes should be, but that was all we could make out. I'd never been so scared in my life. I thought we were both in big trouble. Both of us broke into a sprint, and didn't stop until we were at the edge of the woods on the main road, not far from the car. We looked back the way we'd come and the creature had gone. The creature was nowhere to be seen. It had disappeared.

Several weeks later we returned to that fishing spot, but there was no sign of the creature. And we continued going to that location over the next couple of years, but never saw it again after that. I'll never forget the experience we had that night.


Skilled Investigator
I suppose it's possible someone could have donned a suit and tried to scare us. Who knows? But I remember local stories and tales of a creature living in Wayne National Forest as far back as the 1970s.