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Paranormal Adept
Found this little "film" on youtube and thought I'd share it. Notice at around 2:43 or so the graveyard and the 'body" lying there. Happy Halloween!



Paranormal Adept
Found this little "film" on youtube and thought I'd share it. Notice at around 2:43 or so the graveyard and the 'body" lying there. Happy Halloween!

He was certainly enigmatic, though his later addiction to Heroin didn't do him any good. Still an 'out of the box' thinker, I'll respect him for that.

Robert Baird

Paranormal Maven
Hubbard Junior says the day Scientology began was the day his father lived on after Crowley died. Jack Parsons was a noted Thelemic in cahoots with Crowley and he said he had never seen as powerful a Thelemic as Hubbard Senior. I have reason to believe in the Perdurabo soul continuance kind of entity - from a court decision on the sister of a lady I knew. The sister murdered her mother to save herself from having her soul taken over by her mother - or at least having her mother in her body, permanently. If you know the Anderson's Constitutions of the Mason's - this is THAT family.

The fear of death has much to do with many afterlife beliefs, and I think the Keltic Creed and its related native beliefs of North America have a healthier attitude about the soul and its immortality. There is no reason to live in fear of death - that leads to a lack of growth (which is LIFE!). There are many books and beliefs that deal with the afterlife and various related theological constructs. SETH SPEAKS was a great book that I learned a great deal from around this time in my life. I was never convinced the premise was true, but the knowledge made sense. Having read some of the author's other work, I'm pretty sure it wasn't a channeling from another spirit called Seth.

As a literary device to convey the knowledge she imparted, it was effective, and that knowledge still makes a lot of sense to me. It mirrors the eastern or Hindu dimensions and causal planes. The focus on an individual ego having immortal life is perhaps a little stronger than I see it; but I acknowledge I might be wrong. As she put the idea forth it seems there is a multi-dimensional and multiple personality, which might include a million souls in various timeframes and other planetary planes or causal (material) points of reference. Thus our soul will learn in each of these frames of reference and become more complete when in the spiritual dimensions or non-causal frames. The interview with L. Ron Jr. didn't deal with the soul transference or immortality issue as much as some other cult deprogrammers like Jon Atack and Rick Ross or ex-Scientologist officials who have escaped the clutches of this mind control cult (Jesse Prince, Fishman et al.). In these reports it is clear L. Ron Jr. thinks there is a good chance Crowley continues to be part of the entity or soul that was his father, because he says the date Scientology began is the day Crowley died.

That death was no ordinary event. An autopsy was performed on Crowley before his body was cremated. We must wonder why it was cremated and that Crowley had been an MI-6 operative in British Intelligence. This is especially true because I've heard and read that his interior organs were twisted and jumbled with the intestines wrapped around them as if a force had caused a terrible death from inside his own body. There was no exterior reason for this configuration of the organs. It is possible that the body had some issue with the ritualistic action and intent of these two sorcerers who were in league. If Crowley intended to continue his achievement of power (Hubbard assures us he'll be back or already is, not a very pleasant thought.) in another person he may well have taken the advice or recommendation of Jack Parsons (a chemist on rocket fuel with JPL or other government contractors in Southern California, who headed the OTO Temple in L.A.). Hubbard clearly was a great follower of Crowley from early life and would have done anything to associate with him in this manner.

As I see it the body has a solar self or aura that doesn't always agree with the brain or ego. The acts of these two, do not speak to soulful attunements. They would not have had the agreement of any soul that was ascended or connected to higher dimensions, so they had to overcome the disagreement of their souls. It would have been a big issue with the body about to lose its' soul (Crowley). In the case with the mother/daughter it would be easier if the psychics are right about soulful genetic connections in different times and lives. Crowley and the other villains mentioned will appear in the 'heroes' section of this encyclopedia and their retinue of deviates will grow or associate with many other heads of the gorgon known as Medusa.

A. M. O. R. C. is a Rosicrucian group headquartered near San Jose, California. It is a very nice estate west of the highway a good distance south of the city. Franz Bardon is a mainstay of what they promote and he was also what the Wiccans used to teach alchemy. When a top Rosicrucian gave me his book without knowing much about me, I re-wrote the book and gave it to him. He said I made Bardon credible. I have placed a link to that book on Scrib'd here (I got them to take it down but it is probably available at other places like Docslide - for free.). I get no money from them and I was not the one who gave it to them. Someone got it at W-M and placed it there. It addresses a heavenly host of consciousnesses leading up the pyramid to Urgaya - chief local or Earth deity (if you will). In this link you find (translate it first) that Bardon has an Urantia Christian cultus building around him - now that he is dead. The Rosicrucians use every discipline and religion to milk money from sheople but maybe they give value for the entertainment they provide losers. I suppose once I am dead they will ramp up the use of my work on the Dragon website too.


I just went away to check on my suspicions that the promoters of Bardon are also the promoters of Urantia and I also saw a trail back to Blavatsky and Leadbetter (Unity Church is an outgrowth too). Alice Bailey and Lucis Trust which was Luciferian in name not long ago - all these things and even Annie Besant who was one of a very few female Masons. She and Blavatsky heralded a new Messiah and went to India to educate him - as a teenager or less he wrote under the name of Alcyon and rejected that Messiah status. Yep- Jiddhu Krishnamurti - another book of mine covers him. Imagine he grew up that young, and saw it all as ego. It sure is a trail of tears as people think they learn a lot for many years and then wake up - it might be when they join the collective unfortunately. So we have Scientology and Urantia selling this alien crud extensions from the Annunaki and enslaving people - g_d almighty!!!

This site (W-M) is rife with theories of alien intervention borne from the lies of religious interpreters whose power was (and is) enhanced by myths of aliens. We do not have to wonder how it was that stupid humans bought such trash long ago - we have evidence galore right here.