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Cool Precognitive Dream


Skilled Investigator
I've had a few precognitive dreams, but this one is probably my best:

I used to live in Tacoma, WA way back in about 1998. I enjoyed the town but I really wasn't getting along with my roommates, so I decided to move back to Houston. I had almost no money at the time, so my means of transportation was going to be a 3-day bus ride (I don't recommend it!)

About 3 days before my departure date, I had a dream that I was standing in line to load on the bus. Up ahead in line, I saw a guy with dark hair holding a chess board. I'd been a chess teacher a few years earlier and I thought to myself, "I hope I get to sit by that guy so we can play chess along the way."

This dream initially didn't make a big impression on me because it was pretty mundane.

A few days later I got on the bus, and the guy who sat next to me was in some sort of casual military outfit. He was a musclebound army-looking guy so that dream was the furthest from my mind. But about an hour into the drive, he suddenly took a chess board out of his bag and asked if I wanted to play. I took a good look at his face for the first time and I suddenly had a flash of realization that this guy was the dark-haired guy in my dream!

As it turned out, this guy was actually driving all the way to Texas as well. We ended up becoming good friends along that drive, and on the last day I told him about that dream. It really spooked him, but he thought it was cool.

I always regret that I didn't get his address or contact info, because it seemed like maybe we should've kept in touch.


Skilled Investigator
Did you post this somewhere else or earlier on the paracast? I have read this before and that is a cool dream that made your trip tolerable.