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Concentration Camp dream.

Live at the Witch Trials

Skilled Investigator
I had this really vivid dream a while back.

I dreamt that I was somehow transported back in time to a Concentration Camp in nineteen forties Europe.

I found myself standing inside a small wooden Hut and inside were a dozen or so Catatonic Female Prisoners. They were stood stock still all locked in their own singular Universes.

They were simply waiting to die.

The dream was very vivid I can recall their shaven Heads and the clothes that they were wearing.

It was winter and through the window of the Hut you could see the snow falling. I then noticed that there were small porcelain bowls dotted around the place and that the food that was formerly contained had metamorphosed into what was Writhing Maggots.

I couldn't bear this any longer and started to waive my hands around gesticulating madly to the women as if to snap them out of their catatonic state and try to escape or something.

As I did this I sent a bowl of Maggots flying into the face of one of the Women.

She responded only with her Eyes and this was to Indicate that I had made the situation even worse.

I woke up after this

It was an awful dream and I remember waking up covered in sweat. That dream has always and probably always will stick with me.