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Compelling video of sizeable object over MO


Paranormal Adept
It looks like the 'Millenium Falcon.' They probably stopped at Sonic to grab Chewie a couple dozen burgers.

Chewies dead..... twagic but twue, its been written into the official plot, died saving han and leia's children...

but back to the vid, i had seen it but still dont know if its been "explained" or not


very similar to my sighting as far as the shape of it. if this was in minneapolis then my sighting was only about 80 miles south.

Tommy Allison

I actually saw this bright light August 19th, 2004 while in the parking lot of my apartment. My wife and I had come back from visiting a friend's house. It was bright, and had kind of a blue cast to it. It was huge.

It was also in the paper, August 20th, 2004. Except when they posted it, apparently it was seen by hundreds during the day.

A part of me was so happy to see it, and then an overwhelming feeling of dread and irrational fear.

I think if I were to see the same thing again, I would try to control my fear, and perhaps try to make real contact.


Skilled Investigator
Now, .. wait a minute. This thing apparently hovered for six and a half hours and THIS is all we got?? Six and a half hours, ...

I'm no expert, but something doesn't seem right here. Is it possible that this is something in front of the lightpost?? Something small?? It is illuminated from the underside and not from the red lights. I don't know. What do you do with something like this? If the thing was there that long, wasn't there enough time for a lot of witnesses?? Time for the news to get there, ... even if it was an hour drive?? Time for someone else with a decent camera to get there. Time enough for someone to make a trip to Best Buy, have dinner, and still record it?? It is obviously in a neighborhood. But no one got anything else in that time frame??

My feeling is that this is staged. Nothing more than a feeling, but jesus...

Ron Collins

Curiously Confused
I think this was from the MUFON conference in Colorado in 2007??? If not, he must do the same show with the same suit everywhere.

I remember him showing several films and saying things like "Now, I don't have permission to show all of this but here is a small amount of the footage". In my notes I have him saying that there is another video but he cant show it at all. I have a big "Why even ell us about it then?" written just after that.

He was a major jerk to the technical people. He kept talking about it even after he was off stage like they ruined his life or something.

Later that day, well after his presentation, while working the crowd he was asked several times about several pieces of footage and he kept saying that he just didn't have permission to show more but that there were, and I quote "hours of quality video". I was personally 3 feet away from him when he said it and I scribbled it down on my notepad as soon as he said it. I even asked him when more would be released. He told me that he didn't know but that he thought it would be soon.

This is all I have ever heard of it.


Skilled Investigator
I seem to have a vague memory of this being explained as a bush fire on a nearby hill though I cant remember from where.
It certainly has that appearance.

Tommy Allison

Assure you, we don't have hills that size around here that are off in the distance.

The Twin Cities is largely pretty flat. There are a few hills, but they don't catch fire.

David Biedny

Paranormal Adept
My eyes tell me that's a fire, with smoke moving off to the right. Unless someone comes up with some video of those "lights" flying away, I'm certain that's a fire.



Nothin' to see here
My eyes tell me that's a fire, with smoke moving off to the right. Unless someone comes up with some video of those "lights" flying away, I'm certain that's a fire.



I just rewatched it. Its a fricken fire! Its totally a fire with smoke coming off!

fail delete debunk


Despiser of religious nuts
Looks like a grass fire on a hillside. I'm no imaging expert, but I've seen many grass fires, and it has all the hallmarks. The part where the guy asks the audience to take note of a new light switching on to the right hand side of the "craft" gives it away best of all. If you look, there's an increasing plume of smoke off to the right, then a light appears to flare on. That looks for all the world to me like smoke billowing up from smouldering vegetation, as the fire spreads. When the vegetation hits a certain temperature, a new fire flares up.

Who's that guy, BTW? Penfold? He should have called Dangermouse to investigate - we may have had more sense, if he had.

Tommy Allison

Well the footage didn't come from Minneapolis, that much I can tell you. We don't have mountains or hills that big in the city.