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CIA X-Files


FeralNormal master
i'm going to fire up my onion browser before i click on those links lest i get visted by the men in black or that black lunged son of a bitch...who now has a tracheotomy.

Angel of Ioren

Friendly Skeptic
I had never heard of that German case - really interesting. What I like about these old cases like this is that people involved really had nothing to gain by talking about them - there was no incentive to appear on TV or anything like that.


Paranormal Adept
It takes stamina to even browse those files. I went into the 1950's zip file - impressed with the clarity of the handwriting. :)

If nothing else, a fascinating treasure trove for a cultural anthropologist. It really was a different time. Reminds of some of my impressions when watching old Twilight Zone episodes.