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Gene Steinberg

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The absolute best way to listen to The Paracast is via The Paracast+ (Choose Your Membership Upgrade). You get an ad-free version of the show plus the bonus and exclusive After The Paracast podcast, now expanded with more content.

Since GCN folded, we're set up with an established podcast network hosting service where each episode now has fewer ads (10-15 minutes per episode compared to 41 minutes with GCN).

All episodes from 2022 on have been given the low-ad treatment. It involves a manual process, marking the ad breaks and uploading new versions of the show, the ones based on The Paracast+ versions.

I can do the same with previous episodes beginning in November 2014, but it would take weeks to complete the process,

Instead, I'll upgrade episodes that you want. Just post the date and guest here, and I'll get it done in a day or so.

Up to you listeners.