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Cattle mutilation Defies Explanation

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I doubt "they" have to drag anyone. McDonalds and the other huge purveyors of beef from and to the USA have such unlimited power and funds that Pablo Escobar would have been a chicken nugget next to their Big Mac. Profit is calculated for tax purposes on an annual basis. I spend $100 for facilities, $100 for labor, $100 for wholesale product and the money I make over and above expenditures is my [profit. However once they have covered the initial costs for product and facilities they are not spending "new" money for these. They are using the same $200 they started with over and over (supermarkets do this as well). However tax law allows them to continue to count this original money invested (over and over) as if they were new funds on an annual basis. Therefore the profits "being earned" appear much smaller than they actually are. These companies are rolling in cash but do not control Mother Nature. So when Mad Cow and other diseases (we do not even know about) strike, the "Cow" companies must constantly monitor the supply in secret (though probably USDA and other Fed organizations are aware, if not part of). This happens wherever economies are tied up in large-scale food production. Argentina is another example. Aliens do not care about cattle (please, give me a break) nor does Uncle Sam, except has a major part of the food supply). Use your common sense. Who is the health / biology of cattle extremely important to? Mickey Dee and OTHER PURVEYORS OF BEEF PRODUCTS ... THAT IS WHO!

And they have the cash to do this on a large scale and in secret. They are the same folks who keep out Argentine beef, Australian lamb (which would be sold for about $3 to $4 lb if the FTA did not levy such high tariffs on to protect, not domestic lamb but domestic beef. Cattle mutilation protects us but on the other hand, if we knew how dangerous the supply of beef has potential to be, we would all be vegetarians.