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Cattle attacks UFO nuclear signals


Skilled Investigator
UFO = unknown flying object........occultism, releasing the unknown from stone fusion.

Conversion, taking the natural nuclear product and converting it through techniques of forcing energy to convert other energy.

Energy belongs to the state of a fused atomic signal.

UFO = a changed atomic signal....a signal that manifests from out of the Earth stone......and a signal that changes the atmospheric cooling/evolving old irradiation star/planet/sun attack on Earth.

UFO = gained manifestation of changing naturally evolved cooled radioactive bodies.

NATURAL LIFE = the spiritual condition of owning an organic cell function....mainly water, that has energy passing through its body via the condition of living/existing inside of the atmospheric radiated light sound.

SCIENCE....OCCULTISM, the evolution of occultism, practices old occultism, changing the holy dust or nuclear dust.

Science, changes natural radiated light sound.

energy changes, energy and chemicals become artificial, just as advised by those same occultist.

Energy passes through the body, in an unnatural signal/sound activated interaction, due to the holding of an unnatural atomic constant above ground in an atmosphere.

Nuclear orbital signals do not belong above ground...they belong to stone fusion.

Only the organic life belongs to the atmospheric natural evolving cooling radiated light sound and energy.

Changed energy...changed chemical responses.

Cells, belong to natural chemical responses allowing cells to continue to form, replace and also hold form.

Increased radiation, cuts through the cell body....does not allow for cell replacement....destroys the life form.

UFO changes the pressure of the above radiated signal....for the UFO burns the gases in the atmosphere.

Pressure changes by a thinning of the atmosphere.

A thin atmosphere forms a SUCK UP model....the animals seen being sucked up.

Science, the causer of the attack of the natural spirit of the beast and also the human life.

Evidence...radiation light sound changes as a constant in the cell function of human keratin.

The victims, irradiated when their cells form, by the UFO body itself....then grow horns like animals, as their radiation signal now belongs to chemical reaction for growing horns.,

Animals who had the signal for growing horns get attacked and cells/body destroyed.....for their radiation light sound is gone.....and only irradiating signals are gained by their own bodies.

DENATURING, an occult attack on all life on Planet Earth.

Occultist could not care less, up until their own bodies get attacked. The occultist, has always proclaimed that they can do evil manifestations and change energy and remain safe themselves....an age old deception of an evil mind.