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Cases Like These.


Skilled Investigator
Stephen Michalak, of Ontario Canada, says that two big (craft) appeared, and one of them came down. It burned him, and left "buttons" on his torso. Medical Doctors said the injuries resembled radiation, but weren't radiation. These woundings remained there for a very long time. Investigators went to the landing site, and located a saucer nest, of sorts.
Remember saucer nests? I recall hearing so much about those, in the 1970's.

Landing trace cases. People trace cases. Electromagnetic effects (and upon vehicles) (like police cars).

Do those not happen anymore? I never see ufos. I saw doozies, back in the late '70's. but not any more, for years.



Paranormal Adept
Maybe they've gotten more cautious. "Uh-oh they are on to us, better not come down so often". :D

But seriously, my theory would be that there might still be good trace cases, albeit very rarely (as it probably was the case in the 70s) but they don't stir so much attention any more, so there's less media reports and less fakes. And maybe people don't report them because nowadays you know you'll be ridiculed.

Erm... what's a doozie?

Angel of Ioren

Friendly Skeptic
It's because there are some many more cameras now. People would actually have to show a video of what they claimed to see since they usually have an HD camera in their pocket. So, since they can't get away with just saying they saw a UFO without showing proof, they don't bother any more. It's much harder to make stuff up now.