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Black triangle - Manaus - Brasil - 1977


Paranormal Maven
Hi there
I am brand new here. I love listening to the show.Gene and Chris keep saying that forum members are great, so here I am, sharing my few encounters with the unknown and hoping to have feedback.

I have seen UFO 3 times plus a recurring black triangle with lights.

Back in 1977 I lived in Manaus, in a army neighborhood. Those day, we kids played a lot outside in the streets in front of our houses. Our parents served at The Amazon Army Command. Our "vila" was called Sao Jorge, and it was set in the same name area of the city. See google maps. My street was Rua Brasil- Vila Militar Sao Jorge - manaus - Amazonas - Brasil
Sometimes we kids saw colored round lights in the night sky forming a perfect triangle. We could only see a triangle shape behind it because it blocked the stars, but I don't remember seeing an edge. The lights were one red, one green, and the third I don't remember... yellow, blue? Too much of a match to primary colors to make me wonder if I am not mistaken by the third color. The triangle was still, it didn't move at all.
We kids asked our parents what it was, and got an answer: the Skylab. We didn't question, and that thing was there now and then, showing up for few hours and disappearing.
THEN...I only recently discovered that satellites move. Dummy me!
Just to add a bit of paranormal. One of the kids, my next door 10 year old friend, was the only one who could bend a fork during and after we saw Uri Geller together on TV in that same time frame.
Any correlation? Or we were being watched because our parents were in the army? It is roughly the same time frame of the Operacao Prato in Belem.


Paranormal Adept
This arguably, is one of the best documented UFO cases in existence, having taken place in 1977 on the island of Colares, as skeptics and debunkers alike have an extremely difficult time in dismissing those experiences. Jacques Vallee investigated the case in depth.., these sightings were very real, and left many investigators, (one in committing suicide), along with some of the island’s inhabitants emotionally traumatized. There were hours of video taken, and still images captured in which some have been released. The video will not be released, as it lies in the sole custody, under multiple layers of security, with the Brazilian military. The Brazilian military went to the extent of closing the air space over, and around the mouth of the Amazon for months while approximately sixty scientists/investigators camped out on that island documenting the emergence of various phenomena. What stands out is the sheer variety of aerial anomalies documented, as some were seemingly viewed as organic, (living), and others structured. Also to be mentioned is that some of the island’s inhabitants were zapped by beams, draining their energy. An older island inhabitant, after having been targeted by one of the beams suffered a fatal heart attack.

I realize this may have very little if anything to do with your particular sightings, however, 841 miles separates Manus from Colares, and there is the distinct possibility that the military base near where you were living at the time was involved in some manner with that investigation. BTW, unless you witnessed your 10 year old friend bend the fork, don’t take (him/her?) too seriously, as there has been quite a bit of controversy swirling about Mr. Geller. Thanks for sharing.
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Goggs Mackay

Staff member
Welcome to the forum and thank you for sharing your experience. You may be interested in listening to some older shows featuring A.J Geveard - the Brazilian Ufologist. I hope I spelt the name correctly!

Please join in on conversations and feel free to post videos or links that you think might interest forum members. I only joined a few years ago and I have learned many things and enjoyed interacting with people from all over the world. To my knowledge, we have few or no other active members from Brazil so anytime you feel like it, please translate any interesting articles from Portugese into English!



Paranormal Maven
Hi guys

About the fork - i did not see it happening, hehehe
AJ Gevaerd - I have met him in two contactee forums he organized and I respect him a lot, but not so much others in his circle. We say in Portuguese that "they travel in mayonnaise" as some people start believing in one story and spread the word as a dogma. Too much of religion like thinking for my taste.
I like Jacques Vallee's opinion - we don't know what ufos are, and the ETH is too much of an "easy" explanation. It is probably something else, but we do not have a clue...
Too many believers out there.I've seen ufos but keep thinking that they are too elusive to say they are this or that.
I am an skeptic with an open mind.
However, some experiences I had point that dimension shift can be real. I will post it some other time.
ETs could be other dimensional beings having fun with us, which brings the trickster hypothesis to my mind.
The love and hate relationship people have with greys make me fell bad for them. I cannot think abduction can have a nice side. I have never believed in it until I met David Jacobs and people who are abductees. It can be real, but nice is something greys are not. I truly think they are the masters of deception if they are real. And their followers are being misguided.
I met Miriam Delicado in the forum 2 weeks ago in Curitiba, and tried to speak to her. I wanted to ask her what she did for a living! :) She avoided me as hell. This made me think: 1. she does have esp power as she read me my intention; 2.she has a hidden agenda; 3. She is another misguided being 4. Help me God (if You exist), but my fellow planet inhabitants are easy targets to become like herded sheep.

Just wrote this so you guys know me a bit better.


Paranormal Maven
BTW - I also met Travis Walton at the forum and got very good vibes from him! He may be the real deal while others, well, I am not so sure!


Paranormal Maven
I guess it is the articles on the Brazilian UFO magazine: Revista UFO - Portal da Ufologia Brasileira - A mais antiga revista sobre discos voadores do mundo
However you have to wait 60 days after the release of the printed version before they upload on the web.
I was lucky to see the doctor speak last year. She was amazing as she told us how they all reacted to the phenomena. My next door neighbor who was at the forum as well gou so intrigued that he went to Colares. He was able to talk to some people at the city. Ufos or not, something really weird happened there.


Paranormal Adept
What I’m curious to know is, in today’s terms what are the impressions, (whether positive, or negative), of the women who were targeted by the beams, along with any long term physical or psychological effects experienced? For instance, I would like to know if these women may share common aspects of dreams which may, or may not be part of their original experience.

Frankly speaking, the colonel's narrative is practically unbelievable.

Below..,Operation Saucer, translated to English, via Wikipedia:

Google Translate
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Skilled Investigator
It's interesting that whenever anyone comes up with a "10 Best Cases" list, rarely is Colares or "Operação Prato" included. It has always been one of my favorite cases or incidents. Take what you want (or not) from Hollanda, there still is a lot more information and evidence out there...


Paranormal Adept
Operation Saucer has taken the back seat while the march of the zombies continues. Roswell, Aztec, and the likes continue their sensationalized, outdated, onward trod toward nowhere, as there are those who think that the only worthwhile cases have occurred in the US. Yes, Hollanda has made fantastic claims here, as this is a fantastic case, irrespective of whatever his impressions may have been. If not, I would not have the slightest inclination to post, as there should be more attention given to these alleged events.
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