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Back to ghost investigating...

Paul Kimball

Paranormal Adept
Looks like I'm heading back to the ghost investigating beat with my old partner-in-crime, Holly Stevens, in a new series for Canadian television called Haunted that we start shooting in January for an October release. If you're interested, you can keep an eye on our adventures on Facebook here and on Twitter here. Here's the synopsis:


In 2009 and 2010, best friends Paul Kimball and Holly Stevens put a uniquely personal spin on one of the most enduringly popular types of factual programming when they hosted Ghost Cases on Eastlink TV.

Paul and Holly investigated some of the most frightening stories and locations in the Maritime Provinces. They confronted their innermost fears with each new encounter, and challenged their preconceived notions about what might lie “beyond” for all of us. During it all, Eastlink’s audience was able to experience the excitement and adventure of the very best local ghost stories through the exploits of their very own Mulder and Scully.

And then, like their fictional X-Files counterparts, the Ghost Cases team left the world of the paranormal behind. Paul continued his career as an award-winning film director based in Nova Scotia (while also writing a critically-acclaimed account of his experiences in the book The Other Side of Truth), and Holly moved to British Columbia to further her studies in science and to continue her career in the film industry.

But while they were separated by both distance and time, the dynamic duo remained haunted by the realization that their experiences on Ghost Cases had left them with far more questions than answers. Their journey, they knew, wasn’t over – it had only just begun.

Seven years later, Paul and Holly are ready to continue that mysterious journey of adventure and discovery in Haunted, a new series that will take viewers deeper than ever before into the darkest and scariest corners of the Maritime Provinces. They will venture forth once again with open minds (and all the latest tech gear) in a renewed investigation of the places in our own proverbial backyard that send shivers up our spines and haunt our dreams late at night, all with the goal of making direct, personal contact with whatever might be waiting for them out there.