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Ask Ben Moss and Tony Angiola

Gene Steinberg

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Ben Moss
Ben Moss is MUFON'S Chief Field Investigator in Virginia, and a member of the rapid deployment Star Team (Strike Team Area Research). He is a guest expert on The History Channel’s Hangar 1 TV show, NASA's Unexplained Files, and UFO Conspiracy:The Hunt for the Truth, and has written numerous articles for the MUFON Journal and various online web sites. He has appeared on Paranormal TV and The Paracast Radio show. Ben has been with MUFON since the early 90’s. As a MUFON investigator, Ben has also studied such disciplines as history, archaeology, physics, astronomy, religion and many of the sciences required to investigate such an elusive subject as UFO’s’.

Tony Angiola
Tony has been studying UFOs since the early 90's. He became an investigator in 1999 while living in Northern VA. A computer network administrator by profession, Tony gives his spare time to studying and researching UFO cases. As Assistant State Director and Star Team member Tony works close with other experts in the field to gain further knowledge on using current technology to further the field of Ufology in a scientific way. Studying radiation, electromagnetic fields, general physics and string theory are a few of the subjects on his short list. Tony is also an avid scuba diver and hopes to discover some kind of trace evidence left behind from anomalous craft seen under water. Tony is also a public speaker and appears as an expert on season 2 of Hangar 1 that airs on the History channel.

This episode will be recorded on Thursday, April 11 from 4 PM until 6 PM.