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April 5, 2020 — Another Visit with David Halperin

Gene Steinberg

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So I downloaded the ebook version of David Halperin's new book, "Intimate Alien," and when paging through the contents, I happened to come across my name. It came as a surprise, but once I understood what David was writing about, I found his reasoning to be quite fascinating.

You will too. Even though David is no fan of the ET theory, that doesn't mean he doesn't believe something strange and real is going on.

Randall and I also talked about David's theories and other subjects during this weekend's edition of After The Paracast.

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Paranormal Adept
Good show , great guest.
But , he's wrong on the Belgian sightings.There WERE pilots in F16's that saw the objects.
Furthermore , there was a second wave in 1997 , where i myself saw one. It was not triangular , more diamond shaped , completely silent and flew rather slowly.

Farlig Gulstein

Here's an alternative Jewish view on ET and aliens by Rabbi Ariel Bar Tzadok.

Here's his facebook page, with contact details for an interview.