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Apple product launch allegedly clouded by Jennifer Lawrence's boobs.

Gene Steinberg

Forum Super Hero
Staff member
It actually has nothing to do with Apple or iCloud. It was a case of someone hacking someone's personal account which can happen on any platform; celebrities need to understand how to use secure passwords and protect their data — and, as you say, stop taking naked photos. The hacks actually involved both iOS and Android gear over a period of years, but it was all posted one time. But putting "Apple" in the headlines makes for good copy.

No, it doesn't cloud Apple's product launch, which will occur next week and be evaluated on its own merits.


FeralNormal master
Coming soon to a Web site near you...a small fee may apply

MHO: Because these pics are likely non airbrushed and photoshoped as they are probably selfies, prepare to have your expectations lowered dramatically.

not even wrong

Skilled Investigator
If you look closely you will see Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton holding the new Iphone 6. Looks like this was a viral campaign gone horribly wrong.