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Any word or updates from James Carrion?

Creepy Green Light

Paranormal Adept
Figures that the one guy I really felt positive about, James Carrion, stepped down from MUFON. Being the solid type of guy he appears to be, I guess that's the only choice they left him. Anyway, I really enjoyed the time he was a guest on The Paracast. I also enjoyed the few TV shows I saw him take part in. He just had that something extra. Maybe it was just that real world mentality. One of my favorite times is when he went down with a few other MUFON guys to Mexico to meet with Jaime. Jaime thinks everything that is filmed is a flying saucer. As an experiment, James' crew released a bunch of mylar baloons over the city. Sure enough, Jaime saw them (or maybe saw just the pics/videos of them) he definitely thought they were a flying saucer. I get the impression that James got disenfranchised with the entire subject and has moved on. Maybe we'll hear from him again one day?

Farlig Gulstein

Skilled Investigator
Kevin Randle has just posted a link to Carrion's new, free e-book at this link:

James Carrion's The Roswell Deception

The book can be accessed here.

I've just read 25 of the book's more than 500 pages, and so far it seems that Carrion has done his homework for the thesis he presents about Roswell. A reader who is not familiar with US military leaders in the immediate post-WWII era may find this book a bit slow-going. But it seems so far to be worth the trouble. Carrion's book has more than 700 end notes which refer to accessible documents and books. Carrion's thesis is strengthened by his regular referral to Thaddeus Holt's excellent book on Allied deception of the Axis during WWII, The Deceivers.

I think Carrion's thesis for Roswell makes a lot of sense, and it may apply to a few other UFO cases.

On the other hand, just to be sure, I do not think by any means that every report of UFOs results from military deception. Too many compelling anomalous reports of observations and encounters seem to clearly indicate a real UFO phenomenon, whatever that ultimately consists of.