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amityville horror son speaks out...


Skilled Investigator
I grew up a few towns over from Amityville. I was basically the same age as the son in the trailer, 12yrs old. This always interested me but like many others found it hard to believe after it was sensationalized in the media. Looking forward to watching this. Thanks for posting.
Here's the most recent documentary of the case. It includes an interview with the son that committed the initial murders, his lawyer and journalists who covered the event.

Bob Watson

Paranormal Adept
What bothers me the most about this case is after the lutz's no one saw or heard anything.the home had an adress change and was remodeled. I just think the lutz's did not like the house. And geoge created the event to make money...


Skilled Investigator
I agree, who the hell would want to live in that house in the first place. I can see looking past one killing, maybe in self defense or something, but SIX OUTRIGHT CRAZY STYLE MURDERS??? Get the hell outa here, you'd have to be crazy yourself.