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Amateur paranormal researcher


Paranormal Novice
Hi guys. My name is Nik. For many years now I have amatuerly, yet quite obsessively studied virtually all areas of paranormality. Ghosts, demons, mythological creatures, cryptids, Mediums, Near Death Experiences, Out of Body Experiences, UFO sightings/close encounters/abductions, so on and so forth. I plan on contributing to the forum and conversing with other folk on my favorite topic. I discovered the podcast a few weeks ago and it was like discovering a vast hidden treasure, hundreds of episodes which are hours long and full of intelligent guests.

Speaking of paranormal, I live in Salem, Massachusetts with my wife. The Witch and Halloweeen capital of the world!


Paranormal Novice
Tell us your most interesting paranormal case that you studied.
Well, I dont want to be misleading. My research is limited to all of my books, my obsessive thinking about the topics, listening to people describe their encounters, listening to hours of podcasts daily, and talking with people about the topic and formulating hypothesis and explanations. I am not a field researcher. But, if you want to know what the best documented case of ghost/demon activity is, check out this video. This activity was witnessed by several police officers, prison guards, a warden, and 5 or 6 individuals. They all said the same thing and maintain it to this day. Check it out!!