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Am curious what Paracasters think of US money crisis.


FeralNormal master
Neat no bs article by alan sampson in this week's businessweek


Most certainly a case a bunch of idealogues trying to score points in their home districts at the expense of the country as a whole. At 65% debt to gdp i'd say that we have an unsustainable But salvageable economic system but we need to try to get the economy healthy again first and that means more jobs so for time being do nothing that would hurt any job growth especially cuts until we achieve that. Lets try to close the gap with a more robust gdp if necessary tariff the hell out of the stuff coming from china to encourage stateside development china will not drop our bonds they look like the are on the cusp of a property bubble and the officials are afraid of an overheating economy . And if they want to take us before the wto first they need to explain their nonfloating yuan/reminbi. Although many experts ? Have argued that the currency thing is a us false flag diversionary tactic

Oh b.t.w. i posted this on my phone w/UC WEB browser , which just goes to show you i may be a bit of a hypocrite

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I no longer trust my party and I never trusted the other one. Most people are moderates of some kind and have shared values. Why are we letting the elected bozos run over us? They will do away with SS at some point (aren't you glad Bush 2 didn't get to privatize it into the stock market like he wanted to?) but they will still be giving subsidies to oil companies.


Skilled Investigator
(aren't you glad Bush 2 didn't get to privatize it into the stock market like he wanted to?)

Oh my God, that would have been LIFE-ENDING to a huuuuuge number of people. I just will never agree with the rightwingers that "Charity will take care of the infirm, orphans, widows, disabled and elderly." I don't think so, and I had first hand experience confirming my view.