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Alleged/ Holy Mary Sighting, Yes I am serious.


Sanity is a default
Looks like somebody shooting into the sun -perhaps an overlay of a curiously iconic and lifeless looking Virgin Mary thrown in for good measure.


Skilled Investigator
Re the "Mary" sighting, when I turned my head sideways the object/figure/whatever didn't look human at all. More like a saucer shape (!) with a purple-ish outline and darker areas at either end. Some sort of optical effect + a bit of psychology I think.


Paranormal Adept
Reminds me of that well worn joke about the Rorschach test , the punchline being

"your the one with a collection of dirty pictures"

All i see is lens flare that looks like a vagina.

The sound of the crowd is strange too, at the start of the clip they seem to be shouting and clapping when nothing is visable, vision aside the crowd sounds like a typical football or rodeo noise.


Paranormal Novice
Hi All! I'm sorry, but I don't get it!!!! I can see that there is an image that appears which could be interpreted as "The Virgin Mary"....however, the thoughts going through my head were more in the form of questions. For example, if this is a true vision, I find it interesting that the form is garbed in attire from that period (stay with me here...) and that this appearance could be inspiring for some and if anything for the shear wonderment of it all might make "some" happy or joyful.....and then what??!! My question to the "vision" would be (and I only mean this as food for thought, NOT to be disrespectful to any of the faith) as wonderful as it might be to see you floating up in the sky, what purpose does this really serve to humanity? Knowing the human condition as such that after this "event" the furor settles and we continue on with our mundane lives. We don't miraculously change our behavior and stop killing each other, feed the hungry or what should be the easiest daily practice which is to treat others as we would have others treat us! It seems to me that the "time of the teachers" has had it run. In my opinion, I think it's time to stop depending on something outside of us and to start taking responsibility for our actions. To take it upon ourselves to use the brain that Nature has given us and put it to use. To start making connections with what ALL the true great teachers of ALL faiths tried to show us, that we are ALL brothers and sisters....humanity! That this living planet and ALL its inhabitants are under OUR care.....I guess to WAKE UP! If this is a "true" vision, I suppose we'll see what effects it's left behind.....