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After The Paracast — What You've Missed

Gene Steinberg

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Again, After The Paracast is only available to Paracast+ subscribers. Episodes for the past year are listed below:

September 18, 2022
Former Wright-Patterson Air Force Base engineer and UFO author Raymond Szymanski returns to explain to Gene and cohost Tim Swartz why this is expected to be his final radio interview As author of three books on the subject, he has appeared on a number of radio and TV shows in recent years. He talks about his misadventures while investigating classic cases, such as a possible disembodied voice he heard while visiting the site of the 1965 Exeter, NH sighting, and a possible Man in Black or intelligence agent that he saw when visiting the site of the 1980 Rendlesham Forest incident. He also explains why he thinks the Pentagon UAP project has already made a difference. In 2011, before he began his UFO studies, he retired as a Senior Engineer/Scientist from the Air Force Research Laboratory at Wright-Patterson.

September 11, 2022
Voice phenomena investigator Ron Yakovetti continues to explore the reality behind possible messages from beyond with Gene and cohost Tim Swartz . The discussion includes a focus on the background or source of such messages, and also people who claim they don’t believe in such things before they reveal their own mystifying personal experiences. There’s also hard-won advice for people who want to begin to explore the possibilities of voices from the afterlife. Ron’s afterlife research mainly focuses on an area known as ITC: Instrumental Trans-Communication. He is the author of the author of “Paranormally Speaking: Knowingly Talking to the Unknown” and “ITC Technomancy: The Magical World of Electronic Spirit Communication” and cohost of Entity Voices Paranormal, Evidence Podcast (UN-X Network).

September 4, 2022
Motivational speaker and student of Greek mythology Hercules Invictus joins Gene and cohost Tim Swartz to discuss more of the mysteries he has explored. He touches on abductions and contacts taking on a life of their own as cultural memes. What about such contactees as George Adamski. Also touched on, the strange cases of Ray Palmer and Richard Shaver and their influence in the world of the paranormal over the years. In a second segment, Gene and Tim talk about recent episodes of The Paracast, and some of the ideas — disputed — that were discussed. Invictus has dedicated his earthly sojourn to studying, sharing and applying the legacy and lessons of the Gods and Goddesses of Greek Mythology who reside on Mount Olympus.

August 28, 2022
Underwater UFO investigator Debbie Ziegelmeyer rejoins Gene and cohost Tim Swartz to discuss such topics as the Pentagon's UFO research program, ignoring the lessons of history along with the possibilities of a secret space program. Ziegelmeyer also reveals that sometimes negative aspects of appearing in UFO and paranormal reality shows, where the producers routinely take "artistic license" in altering the details of a case. She is author of "The Alien Colonization of Earth’s Waterways: A Reference Guide to UFO/USO Water-related Activity" and, as the Director of the Underwater Research and Recovery Team for the Mutual UFO Network, a PADI Scuba Instructor, and an experienced UAP/USO investigator, Ziegelmeyer has studied the USO (Unidentified Submerged Objects) phenomenon for decades.

August 21, 2022
Paranormal explorer Bill Kousoulas rejoins Gene and cohost Tim Swartz to explore more of the mysteries of Point Pleasant, West Virginia and the mothman. Are there conventional explanations for mothman? What about the UFOs also reported in that area back in 1967? Could some or all of them be test aircraft? There’s also a discussion about the late Fortean researcher and best-selling book author, John Keel and his contributions to ongoing research into the mysteries he explored. In 2003, Bill was introduced to “The Mothman Prophecies” movie, and it truly changed his life. Since 2016, he and his wife Jaci have visited Point Pleasant, West Virginia regularly, and they have become friends with several area residents, including the late Carolin Harris, co-founder of the Mothman Festival.

August 14, 2022
Paranormal investigative team Tobias and Emily Wayland, founders of The Singular Fortean Society, return to speak with Gene and guest cohost Tim Swartz about their ongoing research into ghost phenomena. They were wed at a haunted mansion, and describe the appearance of a possible apparition in a live iPhone photo of the event, which contains several seconds of movie footage. They go on to reveal other sightings of possible apparitions over the years. Tobias and his wife Emily have been involved with the Lake Michigan Mothman investigation since its advent in the spring of 2017, and published a book chronicling the experience, “The Lake Michigan Mothman: High Strangeness in the Midwest.” His second book about unusual phenomena, “Strange Tales of the Impossible,” continues their work in investigating a variety of seemingly impossible events.

August 7, 2022
Paranormal investigator Amanda Paulson continues the story of her exploration of the strange and unknown with Gene and guest cohost Tim Swartz. She covers a variety of topics, including expanding her studies going forward, her research toolkit and why she usually focuses on research materials other than electronic devices. Have her experiences over the years been therapeutic? Amanda travels as a solo investigator and content creator for her blog, Pretty Fn Spooky and will be starring in the upcoming documentary, “Death is With Me.” In 2020, she became known for igniting paranormal centered philosophical discussion through her posts on social media. She leads and participates in investigations, but is also passionate about encouraging others to think deeply about paranormal phenomena and what that means for us as we live this life on Earth.

July 31. 2022
Investigator Michael Mayes returns to talk with Gene and guest cohost Tim Swartz about his research into cryptids. He talks of ongoing attempts to elicit sounds from the strange creatures in the woods, and the occasional successes. And what about reports that some of them have allegedly lusted after human females? Mayes has explored cases involving strange creatures — or out-of-place creatures — for over 15 years. He is one of the board members of the North American Wood Ape Conservancy, a key research source for ongoing Bigfoot studies. He has appeared on numerous podcasts and radio programs and on the television show “The Lowe Files” on the A&E network. Michael blogs at the Texas Cryptid Hunter and is author of the illustrated children’s book, “Patty: A Sasquatch Story,” “Shadow Cats: The Black Panthers of North America,” and his most recent book: “Valley of the Apes: The Search for Sasquatch in Area X.”

July 24, 2022
Join paranormal researcher Joshua Cutchin as he covers a number of fascinating topics with Gene and guest cohost Tim Swartz. Beginning with pop culture, and how series fare is brought to a sometimes unacceptable conclusion, the discussion moves to UFOs as cultural means, and the best possible ways of disclosure, assuming the phenomenon involves physical craft from other worlds. Would it involve disclosure by the authorities, our visitors, or would humans simply wake up one day fully aware of what was going on? A working musician, Cutchin is author of five critically-acclaimed books on worlds of the strange and unknown that include his latest book, the two-part masterwork: “Ecology of Souls: A New Mythology of Death & the Paranormal.”

July 17, 2022
Paranormal researcher Michael Huntington returns to talk with Gene and guest cohost Tim Swartz on his theories about the causes of paranormal events. Are they due to what is called “co-creation,” in which we collectively imagine and create unusual events? What about other dimensions, an alternate reality? Huntington speaks at length about his views on the state of paranormal research. His writing and photography work can be found on all social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), the Strange Travels blog, the occasional print medium and in the soon-to-be-released Strange Travel Book series. As of the time of his appearance on the show, he was busy organizing the upcoming Midwest Conference on the Unknown in Cape Girardeau, MO, which will be taking place August 5-7 2022, and will be presenting there with other UFO notables such as Micah Hanks and Ryan Sprague.

July 10, 2022
Paranormal author/researcher Paul Dale Roberts returns to continue the discussion with Gene and guest cohost Tim Swartz about the intersection between pop culture and the paranormal. There’s also talk about incredible Lunar and Mars mysteries, and whether there’s something unusual about them. Roberts is a Fortean investigator and investigates ALL things paranormal from Mothman, Chupacabra, UFOs, Crop Circles, Ghosts, Poltergeists, Demons and more. He is the owner HPI (Hegelianism Paranormal Intelligence – International). Significant investigations by HPI include the Skinwalker Ranch in Utah, looking for Natalee Holloway’s ghost in Aruba, UFOs and Bigfoot at Mount Shasta, UFOs and USOs at Monterey Bay, Area 51, Guatemala City – Guatemala. He also writes community stories and is a former columnist for the Sacramento Press, former columnist for Haunted Times Magazine, has written small blurbs for Newsweek, Time, National Geographic Traveler and People Magazine.

July 3, 2022
Veteran UFO researcher Rick Hilberg shares fascinating incidents from years ago with Gene and guest cohost Tim Swartz. Why for example, did NICAP’s office manager, Richard Hall, once order Gene to leave their offices? What about the time that Rick and his cohosts announced a UFO conference and soon thereafter got word that another organization, APRO, decided to plan a rival meeting that same night and refused to change their schedule? What about the ongoing pranks played by Jim Moseley and Gray Barker? Hilberg also talks about serious UFO research and all the work he's done in the field over the years. After catching the UFO bug in his early teens, Hilberg has been writing, publishing and investigating UFOs and related phenomena, and was one of the founding members of the original Conference of Scientific Ufologists, which later became the National UFO Conference.

June 26, 2022
Abduction researcher and experiencer Kathleen Marden returns to continue her discussions with Gene and guest cohost Tim Swartzabout possible evidence of such experiences, such as implants. The discussion also includes the 1964 Socorro, NM case, a classic UFO encounter where the main witness, a police officer, saw two human-like beings near a landed craft. She also brings up the FBI report on notorious skeptic Philip Klass, his possibly suspicious behavior and the extreme tactics he employed to explain away sightings regardless of the evidence. Marden is a researcher, author, on-camera expert, conference presenter, experiencer advocate, hypnosis practitioner and support group facilitator. She is known as one of the leading UFO contact researchers of our time. Since 1990, she has researched the perplexing nature of UFOs and the non-human entities reportedly associated with highly advanced aerial vehicles via her own groundbreaking research, investigation, and experimentation.

June 19, 2022
We feature Rich Hoffman, from the Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies (SCU), as he continues to discuss evidence for the phenomenon with Gene and guest cohost Curt Collins. What about people who mistake conventional objects or phenomena for UFOs? And what about the so-called "hitchhiker effect," where someone who spots a UFO brings home other possible paranormal encounters? The impact of cultural memes through the ages on descriptions of strange objects is also discussed. Hoffman grew up in Dayton, Ohio, not far from Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, and started his investigations into UFOs in 1964 and was in touch with Project Blue Book, Dr. J. Allen Hynek and other thought leaders within the UFO field. In late 1969, he joined the Midwest UFO Network, later known as MUFON. Hoffman a B.A. degree from Wright State University in Organizational Communication and an extensive career in leadership positions in numerous business sectors.

June 12, 2022
A very special episode in which Gene and author/historian Charles Lear talk with guest cohost Curt Collins about his recent article about the curious case of researcher Bill Moore and his impact on the field. Moore was one of the original Roswell authors, as coauthor of the book, “The Roswell Incident” with Charles Berlitz, and, years later, admitted to engaging in government UFO disinformation. Lear has lived most of his life in New York City, where he made his living as a union stagehand and was involved in other aspects of theatre as a playwright, producer, director and Shakespearean actor. He writes a UFO blog for Blog – Podcast UFO, and his book, “The Flying Saucer Investigators,” is a whirl of history, about the people involved in the mystery of the flying saucers in the early days starting in 1947, mostly the investigators, but also the witnesses, some of whom were profoundly affected.

June 5, 2022
Paranormal researcher Trey Hudson, author of “The Meadows Project: Explorations into the South’s Skinwalker Ranch,” rejoins Gene and guest cohost Tim Swartz to discuss more amazing encounters. Hudson tells the strange tale of a mysterious woman, clad in business clothing, who engaged in strange and outrageous behavior. A “woman-in-black” perhaps? The discussion also covers methods to travel from one reality to another, and an incident in which Hudson briefly found himself in a “different place” while walking along the “Meadow” in search of paranormal phenomena. In his “civilian life,” he has worked more than 30 years as a U.S. government Security Specialist specializing in security of sensitive assets, anti-terrorism, security of WMD, emergency management and other specialties. He investigates strange phenomena as Director of the Oxford Paranormal Society and its Anomalous Studies and Observation Group (ASOG).

May 29, 2022
UFO researcher/publisher/author Philip Mantle returns to discuss sci-fi pop culture with Gene and guest cohost Tim Swartz. The inventions depicted in the various Star Trek TV shows and movies over the years that have come to pass, or are close to coming to pass, are explored. Mantle also tells the story of how he founded his publishing company, Flying Disk Press, and some of its recent books, such as Calvin Parker's "Pascagoula — The Closest Encounter: My Story" and "Pascagoula — The Story Continues: New Evidence & New Witnesses." Mantle also reveals details about upcoming books. He began his active involvement in Ufology in the UK in 1980 when he joined the newly formed Yorkshire UFO Society. One of the first UFO cases that he investigated was that of a landing case in the West Yorkshire town of Normanton in England. This incident took place only a few miles from where he lived.

May 22, 2022
We are rejoined by David Altman and Dave Mason, whose work is featured in the award-winning UFO documentary, A Tear in the Sky, which features a team of military personnel, scientists and special guest William Shatner. Speaking with Gene and guest cohost Tim Swartz, the pair focus again on reverse technology of possible crash UFOs as Gene presents his reality check on the 1948 Aztec, NM UFO crash. The discussion turns to pop culture, the origins of the original Star Trek sci-fi TV show, and the newest entrant in the franchise, “Star Trek: Strange New Worlds.” Returning to the topic of reverse engineering, Mason offers some common sense talk about the impact of patenting new inventions. Altman, a Hollywood veteran, currently does consultant and development work for different networks and production companies on the topics of UFOs and other amazing topics. At age 17, Mason wanted to detect unknown objects, and he designed a sensitive optical sensing circuit and installed it into binoculars which enabled listening to pulsing light.

May 15, 2022
Paranormal researcher John E.L. Tenney rejoins Gene and guest cohost Tim Swartz. He responds to the question of whether he has ever been hoaxed, and talks about famous fakes and reality. He also discusses the time he visited a satanic temple, and observed bevavior that was decidedly not religious. There’s also a pop culture discussion about the newest Star Trek TV fare, including “Star Trek: Strange New Worlds.” The author of over a dozen books, Mr. Tenney has also been interviewed extensively on radio and television. John’s columns and articles have been printed in magazines and newspapers world-wide, and he has lectured to numerous public and private schools, and organizations. He has also acted as a consultant for numerous companies including, NBC, A&E, Fox, SyFy, The Detroit Free Press and Huffington Post, Men’s Health and The New York Times, and Wall Street Journal.

May 8, 2022
Fortean investigator Stan Gordon talks to Gene and guest cohost Tim Swartz about his many decades of research. He speculates on what the government might have discovered in its ongoing UAP projects, and describes UFO sightings in recent years, including the early part of 2022. His latest book on the subject is “Creepy Cryptids and Strange UFO Encounters in Pennsylvania: Bigfoot, Thunderbirds, Mysteries of the Chestnut Bridge, and more — Casebook Four.” Stan has been taking calls on UFO sightings and other strange reports from the public since 1969, and he continues to receive unusual reports on a regular basis. He has given illustrated lectures both locally and nationally on the topics of UFOs, Bigfoot, Cryptids, and strange encounters since the late 1960s. He was listed in the 2005 FATE Magazine special, as one of the 100 Most Influential People in Ufology Today.

May 1, 2022
More cutting-edge conversation with Canadian UFO researcher/scientist Chris Rutkowski, as he talks with Gene and guest cohost Curt Collins about ongoing developments in the field. He covers the ongoing Canadian UFO Survey, where you report UFO sightings, and previews his upcoming book, Canada’s UFOs: Declassified. Among his many pursuits, Chris is consultant for the Winnipeg Paranormal Group. Since the mid-1970s, he’s written about his investigations and research on UFOs, for which he is best known. However, he has been involved in many other writing and media projects for more than 30 years, including TV specials (The Monster of Lake Manitoba, 1996), planetarium shows (Moonlight Serenade, 1983, and Amateur Nights, 1989) and newspaper columns ( Strange Tales, in the Northern Times, Thompson, Manitoba, 1984 to 1985).

April 24, 2022
UFO researcher Erica Lukes rejoins Gene and guest cohost Tim Swartz to discuss her ongoing work on UFO research archives, including the efforts she's made to get ahold of additional documents. She also talks about the state of UFO research, and it's not always pretty. Erica has also visited universities to study their holdings of early UFO researchers and "phenomenologists" like those of the late Dr. Frank Salisbury of the Department of Plant Science at Utah State University. Salisbury contributed important work on UFO reports in Utah with the help of "Junior" Hicks, a well-known UFO investigator. A singer and voiceover artist, she was approached to perform media broadcasting work. This, coupled with her long-term interest in strange phenomena of nature, led her to take her first steps into radio in 2014 by developing her own programming and interview techniques of known figures in this topic.

April 17, 2022
Fortean author/researcher/podcast Micah Hanks, Editor-in-Chief of The Debrief, returns to continue the discussion first begun on the main episode. Micah tells Gene and guest cohost Tim Swartz about his ongoing study of historical UFO cases, including the airships from the late 1890s, and the "ghost rockets" of World War II. How do they stack up with current cases? Micah’s other interests include space studies, zoological mysteries and unusual phenomena in nature. In 2016, he began working closely with the archaeological community in the Southeastern United States, in an effort to understand relationships between early North Americans and their environment at the end of the last ice age. This led to the cofounding of the Seven Ages Research Associates, and in 2018 he and the team produced a short documentary on the controversial Topper archaeological site in Allendale County, South Carolina.

April 10, 2022
Fortean investigator and experiencer Lon Strickler rejoins Gene and guest cohost Tim Swartz to discuss his own abductions and the possible motives of ET in contacting humans. Is it possible they are creating human/alien hybrids to help their species recover something they lost in their own genetic makeup? What about their souls or lack of souls? He also talks about the frightening experience of one abductee who suddenly disappeared without a trace. Strickler is the publisher of the syndicated "Phantoms and Monsters" blog. He began the blog in 2005, which has steadily grown in popularity and is read daily by tens of thousands of paranormal enthusiasts and investigators. Strickler has been interviewed on hundreds of radio and online broadcasts. He was also featured on Destination America's "Monsters and Mysteries in America" television show for "The Sykesville Monster" episode.

April 3, 2022
UFO contactee Dolly Safran and author Preston Dennett join Gene and guest cohost Tim Swartz to discuss the book of which she is the subject: “Symmetry: A True UFO Adventure.” During this episode, Preston explains why he believes Dolly’s claims of a lifetime of contact with ET, and what he did to verify them. Safran talks further about her evidence, which she says include eyewitnesses to some of her flying saucer encounters. And if you can handle it, there’s also a description of the restrooms she used when she visited another planet in a distant star system. Preston is a field investigator for the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), a ghost hunter, a paranormal researcher, and the author of more than 24 books and more than 100 articles about UFOs and the paranormal.

March 27, 2022
Author/archeologist Mark Olly, author of “Crystal Skulls & Human Heads: The Mystical History of Glass and the Extinction of the World” returns. He discusses end-of-the-word predictions with Gene and special guest cohost Tim Swartz . Olly also talks about the use of the skulls in connection with death, even by animals, and his ongoing research into crystal skull lore. He also reveals details of a new book that contains the results of decades of research into the legends of King Arthur, Merlin and related topics. Olly combines the disciplines of archaeology, geology, science, and human studies, to push the boundaries of human existence wider in both directions and increase our appreciation of just exactly what the human race could potentially be capable of achieving.

March 20, 2022
Gene and special guest cohost Tim Swartz welcome James McClenon Ph.D. for a return visit. During this episode, Dr. McClenon talks about such topics as precognition, near-death experiences and their relation to possible UFO abductions, and psychological symptoms related to paranormal encounters. His main focus, as with the main show, was his book, The Entity Letters, which details a group of individuals, the SORRAT sitter group (Society for Research on Rapport and Telekinesis). He began his own investigations into the world of the unknown in 1981, faithfully documenting his experiences with the group from the viewpoint of a sociologist. Originally from Maryland, he has lived in Ecuador, China, Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, Australia and North Carolina, and travels extensively.

March 13, 2022
A return visit by Michael Schratt, author of the illustrated book "Dark Files: A Pictorial History of Lost Forgotten and Obscure UFO Encounters.” In a discussion with Gene and special guest cohost Tim Swartz, Schratt delivers his impressions about what's behind the UFOs. Spaceships? Interdimensional visitors? Time travelers? And what about all those sightings of USOs (unidentified submerged objects), and why aren't they getting more attention? Is there a UFO secret that the powers-thats-be have kept from us over the decades? Michael is a military aerospace historian and has lectured across the country on the unique subject of “Mystery Aircraft” and classified propulsion systems buried deep within the military industrial complex.

March 6, 2022
Award-winning photojournalist Shannon Taggart rejoins Gene and guest cohost Tim Swartz to discuss more details of her long journey to examine spiritualism and seances. In addition to seances, Shannon and Tim talk about reports involving video and smoke EVPs, where strange images appear. And is it true that President Lincoln and his wife participated in seances? Shannon is author of SÉANCE: Spiritualist Ritual and the Search for Ectoplasm." The book features an introduction by actor/comedian Dan Ackroyd, and a new edition was scheduled for later in 2022. Her work has been recognized by Nikon, Magnum Photos and the Inge Morath Foundation, American Photography, the International Photography Awards, and the Alexia Foundation for World Peace.

Special Feature Exclusive! Bob Zanotti Interviews Billy Meier
In the UFO field, few will need to be told about the Swiss contactee, Billy Meier, one of the most controversial contactees in the field.

Born in the Zurich suburb of Bülach in 1937, Eduard “Billy” Meier claims that he has been seeing flying saucers since 1942. Over the years, he also claims to have had regular personal contacts with UFOs and extraterrestrials who have visited him at short notice.

Billy Meier is a controversial figure in Ufology, with supporters and detractors equally convinced of their position. By and large, his alleged evidence, which includes easily-duplicated flying saucer photos, has been shown to lack credibility. In the early days of The Paracast, we interviewed his "U.S. representative” — who shall not be named — and we found his statements equally suspect. Indeed, one of the most contentious threads in the history of our forum resulted from those two episodes and its aftermath.

Paracast announcer and guest co-host, Bob Zanotti, was able to get Billy Meier to agree to an exclusive and very rare interview in English back in 1982, when Bob was a journalist with Switzerland's international broadcaster, Swiss Radio International. The interview took place on Billy Meier’s farm near Turbental. Bob spent considerable time preparing Billy Meier for the interview in Meier's native language, Swiss-German. Although the interview required a great deal of editing to cut out translation and coaching remarks made during this 52-minute-long recording, Billy Meier’s story and message are completely intact. We know of no other interview with Billy Meier in English of this length and depth.

Believe it or not, and we don’t believe it, you will find this interview truly fascinating. Kudos to Bob for performing a great service in putting this interview together and allowing us to post it for subscribers to The Paracast+.

February 27, 2022
Long-time UFO researcher and archivist David Marler joins Gene and guest cohost Curt Collins to present more details on his efforts to digitize old audio and video files containing UFO evidence. Marler talks about his views about the possible truth behind UFOs and its implications, and the type of case he'd like to be brought to academics and courts. He also reveals some details about the FBI's dossier of the controversial military officer, Philip J. Corso, whose 1997 book, "The Day After Roswell," made the unsupported claim that we have reversed alien technology from the flying saucer that reportedly crashed at Roswell, NM in 1947. David has one of the largest personal libraries of UFO books, journals, magazines, newspapers, microfilms, audio recordings, and case files from around the world that covers the last 75+ years. With this he has been examining the detailed history of UFO sighting reports and related patterns.

February 20, 2022
Former New York Times reporter Ralph Blumenthal rejoins Gene and guest cohost Tim Swartz. Blumenthal is a co-author of the series of groundbreaking Times articles that revealed a secret Pentagon program to investigate UFOs. He talks about whether the new UFO probe will bring any breakthroughs in understanding the phenomenon, and also brings up his pet peeve about so-called skeptics that try to debunk sightings without doing any research. For more than 45 years, Blumenthal led an extensive and illustrious career at TheNew York Times as Texas correspondent and Southwest Bureau Chief (2003-8); arts and culture news reporter (1994-2003); investigative and crime reporter (1971-1994); foreign correspondent (West Germany, South Vietnam, Cambodia, 1968-1971); and metro and Westchester correspondent (1964-1968).

February 13, 2022
UFO researcher Paul Blake Smith returns to discuss, with Gene and guest cohost Tim Swartz, his theories about the interactions of U.S. Presidents with the UFO mystery. This episode focuses on an alleged meeting between President Nixon and entertainer Jackie Gleason in which they allegedly saw the bodies of dead aliens. You'll also hear about Nixon's efforts to spy on John Lennon, a witness to a UFO, and force the ex-Beatle out of the country. The discussion covers the interest of other rock stars in UFOs, including David Bowie, Tommy James and Reg Presley (Troggs); the latter wrote a UFO/crop circle book, "Wild Things They Don't Tell Us." A fan of history, sports, and the paranormal, Paul spends his days polishing his very latest nonfiction books on the strange and the unknown

February 6, 2022
History professor Greg Eghigian returns to discuss with Gene and special guest cohost Curt Collins what the UFO mystery might be all about. Should it be treated strictly as a black box with the main focus on the more fascinating people involved in the field and how the media has treated the phenomenon? What, if anything, does the government know? Greg's chief interest is in the human side of the paranormal — in other words, how individuals and societies in history have tried to make sense of these matters over time. As of this episode, Greg is writing a book about the history of UFO sightings and claims of alien contact throughout the world.

January 30, 2022
Paranormal researcher Zelia Edgar rejoins Gene and special guest cohost Tim Swartz to talk further about her possible conclusions about the forces behind paranormal events, which is the focal point of "Speculations," a chapter in her book, Just Another Tin Foil Hat Presents. Her views encompass a wide variety of strange events, as she wonders whether UFOs, cryptids and ghost phenomena are all part of the puzzle. She has had a lifelong interest in the paranormal and has been seriously researching it for over a decade. In that time, she has worked as a certified field investigator and state director for Wisconsin MUFON, and currently runs the YouTube channel JustAnotherTinFoilHat. In addition to discussing the paranormal, she also reviews horror films.

January 23, 2022
Gene and Curt Collins, our special guest cohost, welcome researcher/author Kevin D. Randle for further discussion. He focuses the main part of the interview on his current view of the Roswell crash, and his plans for yet another book on the topic. He also offers his skeptical view of the curious case of Lt. Col. Philip J. Corso, co-author of a controversial book, "The Day After Roswell," in which he placed himself at the center of critical events, such as the alleged distribution of alien technology to private industry. Randle is the prolific author of more than 100 books that include "Roswell in the 21st Century," a comprehensive look at the results of his 30 years of research into the legendary case.

January 16, 2022
UFO historian/researcher Jerry Clark rejoins Gene and special guest cohost Curt Collins, first to talk about his career as a country/folk songwriter. Jerry also explains why he has become quite optimistic about the status of UFO research, citing the new Pentagon UFO/UAP office established in the 2022 defense budget. But what about all those older cases, and which ones might qualify for a reexamination? Clark was born and raised in Canby, Minnesota; he attended South Dakota State University and Minnesota State University. In his "other life," he has written songs which have been recorded or performed by musicians such as Emmylou Harris, Mary Chapin Carpenter, and Tom T. Hall, and has collaborated with Robin and Linda Williams.

January 9, 2022
Student of high strangeness Steve Ward rejoins Gene and special guest cohost Tim Swartz , to discuss the amazing — and sometimes outlandish — claims of the late Richard S. Shaver about being victimized by two ancient races — the deros and teros — allegedly inhabiting caverns within the Earth. Gene describes his friendship with Shaver during the 1960s and 1970s, including the interviews he wrote and published in Caveat Emptor magazine. The discussion also includes the writings of sci-fi/UFO pioneer Ray Palmer, who often claimed that Shaver’s writings predicted the arrival of flying saucers in our skies. Steve’s is a correspondent on Mack Maloney’s Military X- Files radio show. He also has his own podcast broadcast on the Paranormal UK Radio Network called The High Strangeness Factor, and has contributed to such books as: Weird Winged Wonders: The Twilight World Of Cryptid Creatures, and Mothman, and Other Flying Creatures of the Midwest.

January 2, 2022
Paranormal experiencer Keith Linder visits Gene and special guest cohost Tim Swartz to discuss more incredible encounters with possible poltergeists since moving into a possibly haunted home in Bothell, Washington. Keith will talk about such episodes as his personal possessions disappearing fro a locked safe and nasty consequences that occurred after he agreed to beta test a new Microsoft Xbox and Kinect gaming system at his home. Keith is an IT professional — holding over four certifications in the information technology field. His hobbies are fishing, sports, football, basketball, the outdoors, movies, sci/fi, a proud geek of just about anything dealing with technology. His books include The Bothell Hell House, Attachments — Poltergeist of Washington State Part Two, and Poltergeist — The Night Side of Physics.

December 26, 2021
Gene and special guest cohost Tim Swartz continue the discussion with UFO investigator Tom Ferrario, first covering the strange mysteries at Marley Woods, and other possible portal areas where the paranormal reigns supreme, locations of frequent reports of UFOs, mysterious creatures and other strange phenomena. There is also talk about the possible changes in UFO configuration from structured craft, about visits by strange people that may be related to the MIB. And what about the work of Dr. J. Allen Hynek, Ted Phillips and Ray Stanford? Ferrario has worked as a divemaster, machinist and electrical engineer on projects in the United States, China and Bermuda. He has been an independent UFO researcher since 1969 and was a key member of ate Ted Phillip's Special Investigations Unit known as S.I.U.

December 19, 2021
Gene continues the special fearless guest cohost roundtable with Curt Collins and Tim Swartz The discussion turns to paranormal and sci-fi pop culture, with an emphasis on the strange case of Richard S. Shaver, who claimed that races of abandoned beings exist in caverns around the world, the worst of whom are known as the dero. Gene recalls his friendship with Shaver, who died in 1975. Other topics include the strange case of Fred Lee Crisman, someone who wrote about Shaver’s deros, was a key figure in the controversial Maury Island UFO case in 1947, and was later mentioned in connection with probes into the JFK assassination. Curt is the author behind Blue Blurry Lines, the website focused on the UFO mystery, and The Saucers That Time Forgot, which he runs with Claude Falkstrom. Tim is an Emmy-Award winning television producer/videographer, and is also the author of a number of popular books on the paranormal.

December 12, 2021
Gene and special guest cohost Tim Swartz continue the discussion with UFO researcher and retired technology executive Joe Foster, in which they cover the search for life in space, whether we need to consider a different technology in the search for alien broadcasts rather than expect the interstellar equivalent of “I Love Lucy.” What are the possible motives of alien visitors, and do they wish to do us harm? In considering the prospects for UFO disclosure, the trio considers what other governments might know. Foster also explains why he is disappointed with the status disclosure so far. Foster spent years working in diverse positions including: Technology Program Management, IT Project Management, Data Center Management, etc. However, this was just the icing on the cake considering the paranormal events that he witnessed over the years.

December 5, 2021
A pop culture episode, in which Roswell, New Mexico's John LeMay joins Gene and special guest cohost Tim Swartz to talk about popular genre films, which include Godzilla, a character that originally appeared in a black and white Japanese film in 1954. They cover the various iterations of the character over the years, including meetups with King Kong and other creatures. And did you know there was a failed attempt once to pit Godzilla against a giant version of the Frankenstein monster? Also discussed is Edgar Rice Burroughs Pellucidar series, which featured battles playing out between humans and dinosaurs within the Hollow Earth. LeMay has written over 30 books on Southwest history, cryptozoology, Ufology, and cinema history, which include genre sci-fi and fantasy.

November 28, 2021
Gene and special guest cohost Curt Collins discuss the unexpected outcome of the appearance of researcher and scientist Colm Kelleher on The Paracast, in connection with the publication of the book of which he was a co-author, “Skinwalkers at the Pentagon: An Insiders’ Account of the Secret Government UFO Program.” The discussion covers the implications of the apparently misleading New York Times reports that formed the basis of the initial perception of the government’s program to investigate UAPs. What about the revelation that the funds used to pay MUFON (a civilian UFO group) for its work with AAWSAP came from the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency? How will the implications of the work Dr. Kelleher and his team performed be explained to a public looking for evidence that extraterrestrials are among us?

November 21, 2021
We are rejoined by paranormal skeptic Mick West, author of Escaping the Rabbit Hole. During this episode, Gene and special guest cohost Curt Collins question West about such issues as the great divide between believers and skeptics, 9/11 and conspiracies that involve alleged controlled demolition of the Twin Towers, and people who believe in a flat Earth and whether they are serious in making such claims. And can believers in false conspiracy theories be deprogrammed? After retiring from his profession as a video game programmer, West has focused on investigating and explaining conspiracy theories such as Chemtrails, 9/11 controlled demolition, and False Flags. He also covers more esoteric topics such as UFO’s, pseudoscience, Flat Earth, photo analysis, and quackery.

November 14, 2021
Gene and special guest cohost Bob Zanotti explore the mysteries of the Garden State. But first Gene recalls a possible premonition about 9/11 that he felt when he and his family toured the World Trade Center in the summer of 2001. Also explored: The strange case of contactee Howard Menger, a sign painter from High Bridge, NJ who claimed to be in connect with human-like extraterrestrials from nearby planets, or was he the victim of a government mind control scheme? Bob presents a set of exclusive interviews he and the late UFO photographer August C. Roberts recorded days after the first Wanaque Reservoir UFO sighting that occurred on a cold winter night on January 11, 1966. And did infamous UFO jokester Jim Moseley really call the police in that area with a fake UFO story days before it happened?

November 7, 2021
Prolific paranormal author Nick Redfern returns to speak with Gene and special guest cohost Curt Collins about the endless possibilities of time travel, as covered in his book, Time Travel; The Science and Science Fiction. He also covers the strange history of the late UFO writer/researcher Gray Barker, whose book, "The Silver Bridge," provided a fascinating alternative look at the Mothman phenomenon. Nick discusses another of his books, Final Events and the Secret Government Group on Demonic UFOs and the Afterlife, and whether the group he identifies as Collins Elite had any influence on the U.S. government's current posture towards the mystery. Nick joined a rock music and fashion magazine, Zero, in 1981, where he trained in journalism, writing, magazine production and photography, later going on to write freelance articles on UFOs during the mid-1980s. He is the author of over 60 books covering UFOs, conspiracies and all sorts of strange mysteries.

October 31, 2021
Paranormal researcher/broadcaster Paul Eno covers the amazing phenomena he has covered over the years, including sessions involving possible exorcism and paranormal parasites. And then there are poltergeists. Paul’s early mentors included parapsychology pioneer Dr. Louisa Rhine, Fr. John J. Nicola S.J. (technical advisor for the film The Exorcist) and legendary, first-generation ghost hunters Ed & Lorraine Warren (of The Conjuring fame). He graduated from two seminaries but, in 1977, was expelled from a third because of his paranormal work with less than two years to go before ordination. He ended up as an award-winning New England journalist, including six years as a news editor at The Providence Journal. As this show was recorded, Paul’s latest book is Dancing Past the Graveyard: Poltergeists, Parasites, Parallel Worlds and God, Red Feather, 2019. The next, to appear in 2022 and co-authored with his son, Ben, is Behind the Paranormal 3: Uneasy Skies, featuring their own UFO encounters and those of their most prominent radio guests. Our special guest cohost is Tim Swartz.

October 24, 2021
The Paranormal Detective, Greg Lawson, returns for further discussions of his detailed forensic analysis of Roswell testimony, as described in his book, Roswell: The After-Action Report. He talks about the value of so-called deathbed confessions, whether they can be trusted, and why some soldiers and other alleged eyewitnesses might have lied about their experiences related to the 1947 report of a crashed UFO. Is the Roswell case ever going to be solved, or will it remain the stuff of legend? Lawson is a career law enforcement officer currently assigned as a lieutenant in the patrol division. Recently he was the supervisor for a lake patrol and scuba team specializing in aquatic death investigation. He has worked as a hostage negotiator, as a SWAT entry team member, and as a homicide detective. He also served a combined 10-years in the US Army, Navy, and Air Force. Our special guest cohost is Tim Swartz.

October 17, 2021
Gene and special guest cohost Curt Collins discuss UFO franchises, such as Area 51 and Roswell. And what about the Men In Black, the original claims from Albert K. Bender as first reported by Gray Barker in "They Knew Too Much About Flying Saucers," an early best-selling book. Gene wonders, again, whether it's possible that a real flying saucer crash landed at Roswell, only to be recovered by aliens when the military tried to transport it. And what about the early work of UFO jokester Jim Moseley, who claimed to have smuggled ancient artifacts from Peru, but is also credited with publishing a highly-regarded effort to debunk contactee George Adamski? Curt specializes in exploring the early UFO culture in a site he runs with Claude Falkstrom, The Saucers that Time Forgot.