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About Jim Moseley!


J. Randall Murphy
If im not mistaken, Jim said that he had fifteen hundred copies of “Shockingly close to the truth”, rotting in a warehouse somewhere. Perhaps Gene can find out if copies can still be purchased thru his P.O. box. BTW, anyone who missed the premier episode of the Paracast with Jim Moseley, and Brad Steiger is missing out.

Great idea !


Paranormal Adept
I just looked at the interview I did with Jim in 2001 and made a rough assembly of the footage.
I have perhaps a half hour of material that covers most of Jim's life.
I will clean it up and publish it to YouTube in the near future.

I posted my interview with Jim over at my blog.

Great job, Lance. I hope everyone will check out your film. Linked again, so no one will miss it:
Jim Moseley, Journal Subscriber, 1931-2012


Paranormal Adept
Not to spoil the video for anyone interested, however Jim Moseley recounts an alleged event where by Gray Barker ends up parting with his typewriter somewhere in Clarksburg.


Paranormal Novice
My terrible version of an ode to Moseley,
I would love to call in a ufo or Bigfoot prank however I am afraid I would end up in the clink. With technology moving as fast as it has the police would easily prove that I was the spaz. Then the bastards would come and shoot me in the face and then they would claim I came from outer space. Then I would have Jim close up and near, and we would be talking forever about a magazine saucer smear.
Jim Mosley 1931-2012


Skilled Investigator
I learned of Olde Jim's passing over on ATS. Jim invited me to be a ufo conference speaker back in the early 1990's (I'm straining to recall what exact year) but I recall it was in Florida. Tim Beckley and Ed Komerek were there. I kept a bunch of old photos and newsclips of it, and me up there on the podium, speaking like an actual Ufoologist. I keep not getting around to purchasing equipment to scan my stuff onto the computer ("pictures, or it didn't happen!") and there is no rational reason for that. I guess I'm kinda irrational, then. Well, he loved and never got over (but u really wouldn't..) the passing of his greatest friend Gray barker. Now they are both in a different Ufo Universe, laughing it up.

Ray Palm

Paranormal Novice
I just came across this obit. I'm wondering what details were written by Jim. The landlord comment sounds like him.

Source URL:http://keysnews.com/node/43813

Published on KeysNews.com (http://keysnews.com)


Thursday, November 22, 2012

James Moseley, known as Jim, was born Aug. 4, 1931, in Brooklyn, N.Y. He was the only child of the famous Gen. Van Moseley and Florence Barber, one of the heirs of the Barber Steamship Lines of New York City. Jim loved travel most of all. His fondest memories were of his youthful days in Peru and the excavating of various Incan pottery and gold.

He loved the excitement, danger, and his girlfriend Josephine, and the Spanish culture and language. He returned to the U.S. to New York City and started Saucer News magazine after getting involved with the offbeat crowd in Greenwich Village. It was there that he met his wife, Sandra.

He then established the National UFO Conference and managed the first N.Y.C. convention. He had one child, Elizabeth, in 1963. He later became a landlord, which he hated, saying "everyone hates the landlord."

He moved to Key West in 1983 with his girlfriend Anna and her son, Patrick, and owned Rose Lane Gardens, a motel behind Fat Tuesdays, in downtown Key West. He had an antique gallery with some remaining antiques from Peru. He owned an apartment building, also on Duval Street.

Jim was a Key West character who was an original. He made a lot of jokes about life and death, and the unknown.

He was a pioneer in the UFO field of investigation. He did radio and TV interviews, and some film. He continued to lecture on the existence of UFOs. He thought both sides of the story were fascinating. He was interested in the serious investigation, or even if it was a fake, but more importantly, he put a humorous twist to it. That was clear in the Saucer Smear magazine he published for many years until his death.

He had his daughter, Elizabeth, by his side at the hospital. He spoke of his love for her and his seven grandchildren. He also had his friends Nick and Bob there. His cat was named Lucky, which says it all. He was proud, on his last day, of his loved ones.

He died at 81 years old on Friday, Nov. 16, 2012, at 5 p.m.

Gene Steinberg

Forum Super Hero
Staff member
Probably written by his daughter. When I talked to her that weekend she said she would write something. We all called her Betty over the years, but she insists on the birth name, Elizabeth.