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Abductions with Triangular UFO's


Paranormal Novice
I am journaling about my abduction and contactee experiences on my blog
Alien Abductee Experiences Shared
They all have to do with BEings that travel on Black Rectangular crafts.
The only one that I saw that was a different shape was carry hydrid children and was huge. Far too big to come too close to the earth.

I'm very serious about my experiences. These aren't stories and I just write under a Pen name to save harassment. I think you all would understand.
Thanks for this site, as it helps me to understand more of what might have happened to me.




I just pm'd you. You have a very nice website/blog. I enjoyed reading through it.

Thanks so much for providing us with the link!


Skilled Investigator
Tommy Allison said:
Words fail me.
Whenever that happens, just say "oy." It always makes you feel better, and no one can claim you've said something objectionable. Adding "gevalt" is always optional, but should properly be reserved for declarations of extreme surprise.

Tommy Allison

I wish one of these things would abduct me. That way I could take over their ship, and prove that these things exist.

Because in all honesty, there are some people who don't believe you when you're late for a meeting, and your only excuse is alien abduction.


Paranormal Novice
I think I may be an experiencer too, but the screen memories are too strong. I tried reading your blog, but it was blocked.