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A strange morning at Elephant cottage.


Skilled Investigator
OK, here goes, another story from my childhood, this time I was nine years old.

I was off school recovering from an ear infection, feeling loads better but still not able to do a full day at school;)..

On this particular day off school, mum had to go cleaning as she did weekly at Elephant cottage and I went with her on this day.

The cottage was really old, and I remember it had a real musty, odd smell, that I can recall even now.

I'd like to try and buid a picture of the layout for you, if possible.

Enter the front door straight in to living room.

Walk towards the back of the room, and on the right is a doorway through to another room, standing in this doorway, to your left there is the entrance to the kitchen.

We headed to the kitchen first to see what the lady had wanted mum to do that day, this is where she left her list.

Ironing needed doing, so mum searched for the spray starch which was kept under the kitchen sink.

I remember that the ironing board was set up in the living room, behind the sofa..so I sat and watched tv whilst mum got on with ironing, I remember her using the starch as I remember the noise from the squirty bottle....suudenly mum said "well where's that gone!"..I asked her what she was on about, she just insisted that I had taken the starch without her seeing as it was no where to be found, and it wasn't. I swore to her that I hadn't taken it, afterall, I was infront of her, how would I have been able to?

We just could not find it, so she carried on without it and after that we made our way upstairs to make the beds.

We started in the main bedroom and I was helping her, suddenly out of nowhere, a rush of cold air and shortly after, the sound of running, like someone barefoot on the landing, light footsteps but quick.

Mum called out, "if anyone's there, show yerself". It(they)didn't. I feel I must point out that at this time in our lives, mum was regularly attending spiritual church which is probably the reason she called out like that.

I, however, had almost cr****d my pants..but. we carried on, quickly!, mum went into the small bedroom to do the same when the radio in the main bedroom switched on, I even remember the songs lyrics: "I wanna be your drill instructor, I wanna cut off, all my hair"

or something along those lines.. lol

anyway, with this, that was enough, mum ran into the room to turn it off (could've just been an alarm I s'pose), but then she said that we had to leave. Now!..I asked her why, and she just gestured to me to go to her. So I did, the bed, that we had made up really neatly, was in one big pile in the centre, covers in a ball.

That was it, we RAN out of that house, mum sacked her job in, but God, I can still feel that feeling I got when I saw the bed.

I would say poltergeist, would you??


Paranormal Maven
I have no doubt in the existence of the poultergeist phenomenon. I was at home, "sick", not in public school having my head crammed full of garbage as I should have been. I was probably 12 or 13...alone. I was playing with a Rubik's cube which began to vibrate in my hands...at first barely noticeable, and then the thing just popped apart and fell to pieces. Quite naturally this scared the hell out of me and I jumped to my feet. Then I heard a sound like a bullwhip crack and things began falling off the wall...photos, a clock, a cheesy 3-d Jesus. It was like an invisible person walked around the room, counterclockwise, with their hand dragging the wall. My parents house is just across the street from a cemetary, so I'll allow for the possibility of a ghost. I tend to lean more towards something like telekinesis or some energy generated by intense emotions, like you would get at funerals. There was a funeral going on at the time.