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A Paranormal Encounter or Something Known-About But Not Often Seen


Find the 'good people'
Okay, hey everyone, this is my first post on the forum. I'll try to be as concise as possible so bear with me.

A few months ago I was reading Bud Hopkins and Carol Rainey's book SightUnseen and found that the chapter which features the character Mr. Soames started triggering something with me. It made me think of an experience I had either in the spring of 2008, or sometime around thanksgiving 2007 (held in October, in Canada, folks). I can’t remember the exact date which is interesting.

I believe that what I saw was either one of three things: a human being with extreme Hydrocephalus, or it was a dummy/movie prop, or it was a crytpo/alien being.

This experience took place at gas station in a small city in Ontario, Canada, and I had already paid for gas, bought myself a coffee, and had just stepped out of the centre and into the parking lot when something peculiar drew my attention.

About 25 feet directly in front of me was a half-ton truck with a winterized cab over the bed. The truck was unremarkable in appearance and was parked beside the gas pump.

The driver of the vehicle was nowhere to be seen, but someone or something was in the front passenger seat.

On my first look I noticed that someone with a very big head was sitting in a truck directly in front of me. I remember looking away and taking a sip of my coffee. I then looked back at the person in the truck and realized that I couldn't make out the person's face, which was relatively small compared to the rest of the head.

Up until I started remembering this event I just assumed that this was a human being that suffered from the potentially devastating disease know as Hydrocephalus. In fact I remember feeling morally obligated, like I shouldn't stare or watch this person for too long because it would be disrespectful or hurtful for person.

I really don't believe that what I saw was a dummy or creature prop that someone created for fun, because I could sense that this person or thing was watching me. It was a living conscious thing.

I wonder If anyone is familiar with people living with hydrocephalus and whether a person with a cranium that is somewhere between a basketball and a car steering wheel in size actively venture out into public and can do so without physical limitation?

Gil Bavel

Well, I visited the Wiki on hydrocephalus to get a better understanding of it.
I was surprised at the statistics I found there.

Hydrocephalus affects one in every 500 live births, making it one of the most common developmental disabilities, more common than Down syndrome or deafness.<sup id="cite_ref-vle_2-1" class="reference"></sup> According to the NIH website, there are an estimated 700,000 children and adults living with hydrocephalus, and it is the leading cause of brain surgery for children in the United States. There are over 180 different causes of the condition, one of the most common being brain hemorrhage associated with premature birth.

Hydrocephalus occurs in about one out of every 500 live births and was routinely fatal until surgical techniques for shunting the excess fluid out of the central nervous system and into the blood or abdomen were developed. Hydrocephalus is detectable during prenatal ultrasound examinations. Usually, hydrocephalus does not cause any intellectual disability if recognized and properly treated. A massive degree of hydrocephalus rarely exists in typically functioning people, though such a rarity may occur if onset is gradual rather than sudden.

So, yeah, it's a lot more likely that you saw someone with Hydrocephalus than a real live alien... although the image of a Gray riding in the front of a truck in Canada is pretty interesting... I get the impression from your reaction that you saw a person rather than an alien. If you'd seen an alien, you probably wouldn't have been able to look away... right?

Hydrocephalus is among THE most common birth defects... 1 in 500... if it had gone undiagnosed (say, in a rural area) for long enough, sure, somebody could have grown up that way.

It's also a lot more likely that somebody had a prop in their front seat than an alien.

I used to do a Halloween display every year, and when I was schlepping stuff around town, I used to get some pretty odd stares.

Now, I'm not saying you didn't see an alien--indeed, this is the place to tell such tales... however, Occam's Razor says it's less likely than the alternative you yourself gave.

Tommy Allison

Oddly enough, it's not uncommon for people who experience encounters with (ET's) to speak of some of the things you mention.

The hiding in plain sight thing, happens more often than you would think.


Find the 'good people'
If you'd seen an alien, you probably wouldn't have been able to look away... right?

Probably, but... I also wonder if I was given an opportunity a la Whitley Strieber, and blew it, perhaps I was meant to investigate this one further. It certainly unnerved me at the time.

Thanks for the info on Hydrocephalus, I've been doing some research on the topic, too. I'd actually like to communicate with someone who works with or supports persons with the condition.


Find the 'good people'
Oddly enough, it's not uncommon for people who experience encounters with (ET's) to speak of some of the things you mention.

The hiding in plain sight thing, happens more often than you would think.

I've thought about this too. I've had a number of strange encounters over the years, as well and I'm sure many others on the forum have too, but I'll save those for another thread.