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A Ghost who scratches people?


Paranormal Novice
Hey, this is Nani I am new to the forums. Here is something that recently happened to me this mouth. I don’t like talking about incidents; to much but this last mouth I encountered a weird event in my boyfriend’s apartment. I have been there many times, which leads me to believe that the entity that came that night on the June 29th 2007 is not a residual hunting. Because it seemed to attack me and me alone that night. Because I haven’t seen it since I have been at my boyfriend’s house many times after this. That day was the day before AX expo. My friends and I were getting things ready for the convention that day making tons of sandwiches and stuff. When my arm kept hurting for no apartment reason, so I ignored it. Later that day my friends and I were on our way in the car to pick up our tickets early when, my friend screamed and said what did I do to my arm?
There on my arm the right one, the one that was hurting were a series of huge and many scratch marks like someone was scratching my arm with sharp nails. From my shoulder to my elbow was covered scratches, I was a little freaked because I knew deep down I didn’t even starch my arm let alone do as much scratching as that. It was like almost bleeding. So I just tried to ignore it the rest of the day. So later that night, I kept feeling uneasy like someone was watching me, I have always been a little physic. I sometimes know stuff before they happen or when things are in the area. So my boyfriend came home to his apartment I told him about what was going on, but he didn’t believe me at first. So I went to the kitchen to get some dinner ready for him. All of my friends and my boyfriend were in the other room, when I was by the sink when I felt a huge scratch or a huge nail go to my left arm. I saw my arm and it was bleeding. What was left over was a huge nail scratch so deep that it made me bleed. The weird part was I saw no one do it to me, it just all of the sudden appeared. I got my friends and my boyfriend and showed him. I was freaking now, because I have had bad incidents in the past with ghosts and demons before. I didn’t want that to happen again. They laughed at me, and then I got mad and went to the car to get my boots out of the car. I was really mad that they didn’t believe me. Than I felt something behind me, so I preyed to god to help me, then all of the sudden the heavy feeling vanished like the entity was gone. Which I am glad. This was not the worse experience I have ever had with ghosts; just it’s been awhile now. You may not believe it but I felt something was there and it made a physical scratch. If anyone has had similar experiences please tell, I am hoping we can share more weird stories.
Thanks for reading


Paranormal Novice
Hi Nani,

I have experienced similar things. Sometimes when I wake up in the morning, it feels like I have been fighting or physically experiencing my dreams.

I feel like I just played a football or rugby match - for comparisons sake - like I'd been punched in the back, my side or other parts of my body. This along with being completely exhausted and feeling like I hadn't slept at all.

I'll add more details to this post when I experience it again.




Seer of All Things Spooky
peter222999 said:
I am still wondering how something spirit based can do physical things
resulting in sound,motion,smoke, and scratches

I can understand how objects might move, but I don't understand how they could scratch...and with what?


Paranormal Novice
yea thats what i mean, I can handle the whole ghost thing, figure I
could be one too one day, but how they manifest smells , finger nails,
footsteps , and their old clothing blows me away


Seer of All Things Spooky
i know of a local account of a ghost that seems to interact with people, and he changes clothing based on the weather: if it's raining, he's seen in a raincoat...where the hell does he get his clothes??


Paranormal Novice
Yeah, it is weird to me too, that things unseen can do physical damage to a person. I am still baffled about that. So its ok if not everyone believes this but, it’s good to talk about it anyway. I haven’t seen the spirit, or felt it in a while, so I think it’s safe to say that it’s not a permanent entity in the apartment. Well I hope its not, It’s a good sign that I haven’t seen it since.


Illegitimate Clone
I when I was a kid in Taiwan something very strange happened that is similar to what people are discussing in this forum.

There is an old superstition in Taiwan that if you point at the moon while it is in crescent form the spirits will cut you behind the ear when you went to sleep.

My brother, sister, and I did not believe this story of course and pointed at the moon one night. We laughed about it for a while then got a little scared.

The next morning when we woke up we each had a thin line of what appeared to be dried blood behind our ears. We had not told anyone about us pointing at the moon so nobody knew about it except us. We were all freaked out and never did it again.

I can't explain it but it did happen. It could have been self induced as a result of our own fears. We even tried to explain it to ourselves that maybe our grandmother snuck in our rooms in the middle of the night with a razor. Maybe it was just dirt behind our ears that we convinced ourselves was blood. Maybe there really were spirits who scratched us. I don't know. The most interesting thing is that it happened to all of us.

We all get a big laugh when we talk about this incident now. Of course pointing at the moon doesn't do anything any more. Maybe this only works if you believe and you are in an environment that reinforces supernatural beliefs.

Our story is not really unusual in Taiwan where there are numerous ghost stories in our family alone. There are some accounts that are utterly frightening that will make you wish you never saw ghost.