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39 min. Bigfoot Video - Mike Paterson - Bigfoot Ontario


Skilled Investigator
Just thought I'd pass this 39 min. video by Ontario bigfoot researcher Mike Paterson, for what it may be worth. Text from his youtube account is here below my signature. Here is the video link:

- Title: First People, posted Jan. 15, 2021

Of interest to me is his report that he has found he can "communicate" by leaving sketch pads or blackboards in the bush.


Squirrel (Paterson bio follows)

My name is Mike Paterson. I've been involved in Sasquatch field research since 2008 with ongoing contact experiences since 2012. I've learned through first hand experience that Sasquatch truth shatters our current paradigm, a shift in consciousness through contact from an ancient people who at this time in our history are reaching out to those they choose, helping us see the infinite multiverse beyond our limited perception. I've learned that Sasquatch are inter-dimensional ancient human types that shatter our understanding of reality. I've been given experiences meant to be shared, ongoing encounters that continue to show up in my life. This is new frontier science, an understanding that breaks us free from the enslavement being perpetuated against the human race. Sasquatch truth is mystery and magic that exposes an infinite world of understanding for those open minded to experiencing truth and reality as it is meant to be. Sasquatch contact gives hope for the human race.


Skilled Investigator
You know, thinking over this video, I'm not confident it's legit.

If this researcher had actually established contact with bigfoot in writing, why, in the entire 39 minutes, is there only a single 1-second flash of a blackboard with some squiggly letters shown? Why not show a whole bunch of the sketch pad and blackboard exchanges? And explain how the "writings" were interpreted?

In that 1-second flash view of the blackboard, right near the end of the video, I wouldn't expect that bigfoot would use anything resembling human writing. I'd expect more like hieroglyphics, and not necessarily neatly arranged in lines starting at the top.

And how does Mike Paterson understand what bigfoot has written? Does his bigfoot know how to write English?

I'm afraid that, interesting as Mike Paterson's claims are, this video doesn't convince me of its legitimacy.

- Squirrel


Skilled Investigator
I went to Mike Paterson's youtube account and asked why he hadn't presented more imagery of his "written communications." He replied by referring me to this video:

- Starts off partly through the video where the drawings are being discussed

It's a long one and I didn't review it all, but I did see where he claims to have about 20 drawings. My question stands - OK, why not show them in the videos?

A few "images" were shown around 38 min. in, but were very blurry. More around 1:03:40+.

Claim is that images appear on camera indoors, even turned off. Like Bob Serios' images years ago.

At about 1:45:35, at the end of the video, there is what appears to be a primitive sketch that, given the topic mix, seems to be claimed as done by a bigfoot.

My question still stands: Where are ALL the images, and where is Mike Paterson's explanation of how he interprets them. When I say "all" I'm looking for both the images Mike himself put out, and, those claimed to be returned from local bigfoot.

I'm afraid this video series appears to be some sort of attempt to engage public interest without solid factual stuff to back it up.

Oh well, what else is new ...

- Squirrel

Martin W.

Paranormal Novice
The trick is to get thousands of people watching his videos .... keeps the revenue coming in ..... he is not even a good story teller .... and certainly has no proof of anything.

However it does prove that some people will believe just about anything.