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    Nov 13 show

    Therein lies the problem. JBL studio monitors are precision, high fidelity loudspeakers. They're designed to faithfully and accurately convey what ever quality audio signal they are called upon to reproduce. Junk in - junk out. Switch to something cheap and crappy, and you'll be all set. ;) I...
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    Show of October 2, 2011 — Eric Altman and Dave Dragosin

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    Show of October 2, 2011 — Eric Altman and Dave Dragosin

    I enjoyed this show and it's subject matter. As a boy I shared an encounter with two friends similar to what Chris O'Brien describes happening with him and his brother - though mine was somewhat less dramatic. I thought that the guests were both knowledgeable and pleasant, but no more...
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    Friedman and Alexander

    Questions for Friedman & Alexander DEBATE: UFO secrecy I just want to say that Gene's suggestion of the creation of conjures for me an mental image more disturbing than my gentle sensibilities can process without inducing a full-body shudder. :eek: In all seriousness, I...
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    Guest Suggestions for The Paracast

    On the Ancient Egyptian topic, it would be nice to have: *Graham Hancock *Robert Bauval *John Anthony West *Christopher Dunn *Dr. Robert Schoch Any one, or an assembly of all for a "round table discussion," would be very informative and enlightening. Hancock and Bauval co-authored a book...
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    Show of Sept 11/ 2011

    lamont wood show I have no "pet theory" of my own regarding the construction of the Great Pyramids nor their intended purpose. I am, however, intellectually honest enough to admit that I don't know - something you will find very few, if any, "egyptologist" willing to do. "I don't know" is a...
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    Show of Sept 11/ 2011

    lamont wood show This subject is my "meat and potatoes," as they say, and I'm in the mood, so. . . To be fair, I'll grant him this much. I'll also say that both our host and co-host did ask him some questions in regards to 'test the waters' of his knowledge - murky and shallow as they are...
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    Show of Sept 11/ 2011

    lamont wood show As I see it, the sad truth is that anyone can write a book - no real investigative preponderance required - which is apparently the case here. Mr. Wood has obviously, and willingly, been spoon-fed all of the archaeological dogma (The Great Pyramids were constructed "by eye" and...
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    Zahi Hawass Steps Down and Leaves Egypt

    What ever other shenanigans 'Zahi Hogwash' may, or may not, have committed, the simple fact is that the man is a liar and his ass is right where all deceivers, liars and traitors to humanity belong. Now, please excuse me while I dance a jig. . .
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    Imbrogno & Guiley Show

    After having listened to this episode the first time, it occurs to me, and frankly, I’m surprised that no one (not even our esteemed hosts) have drawn a , what seems to be apparent (to my mind, at least) correlation between these descriptive tales of the so-called "Djinn," and the concept of...
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    Here we go again. . .

    Check this shit out. . Oberg's a 'yes man,' if ever there's been one. The guy sickens me, although, it is interesting to note that after Kenneth Arnold's sighting, U.F.O.'s changed, for the most part, from cresent-shaped to...
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    The Moon

    I just so happen to have in my possession a Pocket Book edition of 'Somebody Else Is On The Moon' by George Leonard, illustrated with official NASA photographs, that Mr Ecker mentioned on the show. I wasn't aware that it is out of print, so I guess that it makes me fortunate, special, or...
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    How would we communicate with early man?

    An interesting question, to be sure. It seems to me that without a common frame of reference, the processes of effective communication between disparate sentient beings would be severely compounded. On the other hand, if you were a representative of this hypothetical, "technologically"...
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    Tiny German House

    A most interesting hypothesis. I'm impressed with the amount of thought that you've put into this.