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    Questions for Ruben Uriarte and Noe Torres?

    My question for Ruben and Noe is what they think of the other big Latin American crash/alien case that is Varjenia in Brazil? Also, I know a few years ago there was quite a bit of news in the Spanish media here in SoCal regarding humanoid looking figures seen flying across cities all over...
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    Nov 9 communications shutdown: A system reboot needed to activate new code?

    Chris, take a look at my post in the Question Bank- I have a direct source saying that this test is really more than a test...
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    Forum Changes...

    Gene, love the new look :)
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    John Mack

    As a father of 2 little girls myself, this case is special to me because of the very blunt and truthful nature of children. I think this case has the potential of being THE smoking gun case if it was known more publicly and investigated more in depth since Dr. Mack passed away.
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    Asteroid YU55 and Fema test on Wed

    Thanks for the info, stonehart. Yeah it does seem odd especially since it hasn't been announced basically at all here in the Los Angeles area. I work for a public agency and my cousin telling me is the first time I hear about it. It kinda all just seems fishy...
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    Asteroid YU55 and Fema test on Wed

    Ok,I am kinda freaked out right now. I just got a phone call from my cousin who is currently active in the National Guard and presently in Virginia. She said that her lead commanding officer is instructing her to inform her loved ones that on 11/9/11 there will be an emergency broadcast system...
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    Hi Chris, I am in the LA area. I am listening now to the interview you did with Don Ecker about...

    Hi Chris, I am in the LA area. I am listening now to the interview you did with Don Ecker about the Skinwalker Ranch. I would like to attempt to get as close to it as physically possible, without trespassing of course and without asking any necessary permissions. What is its exact location if...
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    John Mack

    Hi Gene, I know I have brought this discussion up in the past. But how about a show dedicated to the Ruwa, Africa case that Dr. John Mack investigated?? I am sure that we can find some good guests,maybe even in a roundtable format, that could provide for a great show..thoughts???
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    Guest Suggestions for The Paracast

    How about a show on the late John Mack???
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    UFO's Over London UK

    New “UFO over London video” This was posted today on Yahoo. It initially looks legitimate, especially how you can see the sunlight reflecting off the larger object when it orients itself against the sunlight. My only issue is the people on the ground: some seem interested, some don’t. If I see...
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    Questions for Nick Redfern About The "Real" Men in Black

    My question for Nick: How does one go about obtaining and perfecting a cool British accent?? Thanks! :shy:
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    Crystal Skulls - May 3oth 2011

    Sorry, Gene & Chris, I could not get through the first 10 min of this week’s show. What a crazy wacko this guy is. I know this is supposed to be a paranormal and fringe science show, but this guy was beyond that. But kudos to you guys for keeping cool with comments like “my crystal skull told me...
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    Russian KGB UFO autopsy video

    Has there ever been any comments on the show about the Russian KGB UFO autopsy video. I have seen it a few times and wow does it look authentic
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    Grant Cameron show

    I loved the show. I hope a future show can be done with Grant since there is just too much information for him to express in just one show..
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    Questions for Timothy Green Beckley

    Here is my question for Tim: How come Tim always sounds like he just drank 20 cups of coffee??? :D