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    About Jim Moseley!

    I learned of Olde Jim's passing over on ATS. Jim invited me to be a ufo conference speaker back in the early 1990's (I'm straining to recall what exact year) but I recall it was in Florida. Tim Beckley and Ed Komerek were there. I kept a bunch of old photos and newsclips of it, and me up...
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    Paradigm Symposium October 18-21, 2012

    Minneapolis MN, October 18-through-21, 2012. The History Channel Ufo guys, and the Coast To Coast guys. Hosted by Intrepid Magazine, and The Gralien Report. Speakers include, Bill Birnes, Ian Punnit, George Noory, Nick Redfern, Georgio A Tsoukalos, and Georgio Tsoukalos' hair.
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    Cases Like These.

    Stephen Michalak, of Ontario Canada, says that two big (craft) appeared, and one of them came down. It burned him, and left "buttons" on his torso. Medical Doctors said the injuries resembled radiation, but weren't radiation. These woundings remained there for a very long time. Investigators...
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    Robert Emenegger

    You are right! My mistake.
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    The Linda Cortile UFO Abduction Website

    Thanks for the website krug. I used to snear at this case, but then while I was being amazed by the Kelly Cahill abduction case, I thought, well why not Linda and anyone else in this world, as well.
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    Robert Emenegger

    I have been smitten with fascination lately, for his 1970's film, narrated by Rod Serling. At the very end, some apparently real military footage got in there. I read in my netsearches, that much much more was going to be allowed, and then of course, somewhere from on high, it was nixed. Some...
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    Disclosure: fairest gvmnt response

    So it appears that the official us whitehouse response to the Ufo/"ET" 'disclosure' petition is ,........... Sorry guys, theres no intelligent alien life here. From one Phil Larson...
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    The Slender Man birth of an Urban Myth

    Well I think there is still an MIB phenomenon which has paranormal aspects, thats my story, and I'm sticking by it. ---------- Post added at 01:51 AM ---------- Previous post was at 01:36 AM ---------- Vampire Tulpas. I love Vampire genre, but I totally don't believe in any of it, as real...
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    Ground control to Major Don?

    Ry: "Me thinks Major Don needs to get rid of his 1985 IBM 30 baude modem computer with a 1 MG hardrive and get a newer computer so he can broadcast." I never did understand about those 'fortran' and 'cobol' computer 'languages' anyway. Go and watch the movie 'Hackers' with a young Angelina...
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    Something funky going on with the podcasts?

    I'm not computer literate, much less would know what to do with a portable mp3 player, but right now, I'm listening to a Paracast show via 'GCN Live' Could you 'download' them from there?
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    Ground control to Major Don?

    I've been noticing no recent posts by the Matters-of-Darkness One, and I also wrote him a (personal letter email) a few days ago. He would normally get back to me real quick, re. previous e's. Just wonder if anyone bears Intelligence or bits-and-pieces, of this apparent anomaly. I can't...
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    Thinking about the 2nd Amendment.

    I was thinking about the out-of-control mass violence in England, when I made this thread. I was imagine innocent people there, being pulled out of their cars and homes by the marauders. I listen to Alex Jones, If they had guns, they could shoot the attackers. But then, wouldn't the...
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    Am curious what Paracasters think of US money crisis.

    (aren't you glad Bush 2 didn't get to privatize it into the stock market like he wanted to?) Oh my God, that would have been LIFE-ENDING to a huuuuuge number of people. I just will never agree with the rightwingers that "Charity will take care of the infirm, orphans, widows, disabled and...
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    Thinking about the 2nd Amendment.

    There was a time, quite awhile back, when I was so fed up with hearing about these public shootings by mentaly ill guys, that I wished everyone's guns would be siezed. One time, back in '06 I think, I called into coasttocoastam and somewhat argued with George Noory about guns, because he is pro...
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    Col. Conrad

    Well I was actually wondering why this Conrad guy is surfacing now, as debunkee. It's a curiosity to me. Otherwise, I have no belief stance on the Bentwaters case, I follow everything that comes out about it, with an open mind. Bob, what do you make of this "explanation" which had surfaced...