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    TV Ghost Shows? Real or BS???

    Yeah, apparently our ideas are different because I don't care about the creaks or the cold chills or the "Did you hear that?" or any of the other personal experience stuff. What matters to me is whether the EVPs and videos they get are real, misunderstood, or deliberately fabricated. And I...
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    TV Ghost Shows? Real or BS???

    I find it hard to believe any of them are faking 85% of it. How could that much faking possibly not get out? But anyway, you've been talking about Ghost Hunters a lot and I've already told you I don't watch that show often. In fact, I'd guess I've seen only 1/4th-1/5th of the episodes. And btw...
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    TV Ghost Shows? Real or BS???

    Well, Gene, the argument in here seems to be that ANYTHING put on TV regarding the paranormal must be fake. The paranormal can exist only outside of what can be shown or discussed on television. There has never been a legitimate or even partly legitimate show on television about the paranormal...
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    TV Ghost Shows? Real or BS???

    Lol, I never said I believed they were real. I said I don't know and that I'm not going to just proclaim that everything on them is fake out of thin air. Btw, what do you believe? Or are you convinced nothing involving the paranormal is real like Angelo?
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    TV Ghost Shows? Real or BS???

    There's been a kzillion of these shows, a kzillion of seasons, a kzillion of episodes and that's all you have? I've looked into this video before and he might have faked it and he might not of. Hardly conclusive either way. I don't know what your position on UFOs is. But we've got plenty of 100%...
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    TV Ghost Shows? Real or BS???

    Well, that seems like a strange opinion to me. It seems to go along the lines of "Ghosts are only interesting if no evidence is presented." All the time people are making the claim that Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures, Ghost Lab, etc., are fake. But they NEVER offer a single sliver of evidence...
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    TV Ghost Shows? Real or BS???

    I think My Ghost Story and Ghost Adventures are the most entertaining ghost shows on TV. Are they 100% real? As far as My Ghost Story goes my guess is no. Considering that its stories come from multiple sources I just assume that probably at least some of them are fabrications or innocent...
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    50 Years of BUFORA

    BUFORA just turned 50. Here's what I thought was a good blog post about it. Andrew May's Forteana Blog: Fifty Years of British UFO Research As a sweeping generalization, British UFO researchers are less single-mindedly fixated on the extraterrestrial hypothesis (and concomitant beliefs such...
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    Mitt's Magical Mormon Undies: Penn Jillette's Rant Redux

    Goodness, that whole thing about the courtroom is nearly word for word identical to arguments I've used when talking about religion with people. To me it's always been proof that people don't really believe what they say they do. If they did believe in the Bible, truly believe it, then they...
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    Dr. Bill Cone and Mr. Russ Estes on DMR!

    I just finished reading the book they co-wrote with Kevin Randle and loved it. Wish I would have read it a decade ago. Although I found the arguments about folklore and science fiction unconvincing (Those things are so expansive that comparisons can be found for anything, real or imagined, if...
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    Great deal on a Kevin Randle Hardcover

    A week or so ago I was looking at Abebooks for good deals on books. I happened to run into a seller, Wonder Book, selling new hardcover copies of The Abduction Enigma by Kevin D. Randle, Russ Estes, and William P. Cone for $3.79 (Free shipping). I already had most of KR's UFO books but this is...
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    The Philip Experiment

    Anyone remember this? Am about halfway through a novel right now inspired by it called Superstition by David Ambrose. I recall reading about it years ago in a series of books called Mysteries of Mind Space & Time. Edit: Lol, embedding disabled by request. I don't get it. So watching is OK...
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    Ray Stanford Does it yet Again -- Front Page: Washington Post

    Correct. But I'd make a slight alteration to that last sentence: It's Ray's claims of incredible footage of UFOs that he won't let anyone see that is the issue.
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    A very random thought

    Funny, I was in a drug store yesterday and was looking to buy some Campbell's Golden Mushroom Soup because I wanted to try making Hardee's Mushroom N' Swiss burgers at home and recipes I found online said to use that. Out of curiosity I looked to see if they had Manhattan Clam Chowder and they...
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    It's time to move on

    Cannibals? What's paranormal about cannibals? Is Ray Fowler even still involved with paranormal research? Isn't much to Westall imo. Sure, that documentary that came out not so long ago made it seem pretty interesting. I hadn't heard of it prior to that. But I did some reading after seeing...