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    What does the future hold?

    Have you guys ever tried to get Bob Lazar on personally? ( I assume the answer is most likely yes.) Perhaps with George Knapp along side? I head the 20th aniversary of Coast2 Snore where Snorey pretty much allowed Gene Huff and (Ugh) John Lier to talk to lazar and from that interview Lazar...
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    What does the future hold?

    Gene sorry but it needs to be said, as good as the show is now, it's in dire need of some new Dolan. Also this forum should send a Greer style mailing campaign to Dolan to make him the permanent 2nd host as he seemed to be David's favorite. Also don't listen to me, I'm Canadian and only 22...
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    Why...Ill freaking tell you why

    TLDR this thread but it seems to me 405boy has an unfounded sense of entitlement over the life this step son of his has. Honestly why do you care how this person turns out, he's not your kid, you've made that readily apparent in your senseless ramblings. If your sick of him mooching off your...